Dhaka Sadarghat: A must see place in Bangladesh

Beautiful place in Dhaka city.
Bangladesh ship
Dhaka river.
Dhaka Sadarghat river port, one of the most visited tourist sight in Bangladesh. You need to visit this ancient river port for make sure its incredible beauties. Per day a lot of tourist visiting this wonderful river port and ships. There has thousands of hand riding boat, so it's easy to take a boat by some money for travel around the port. Visit the Top 10 amazing picture of Dhaka to see the beautiful place in the photos. It's surely an wonderful and must see place in the world and South Asia. Thousand of passenger ship deport every day for southern Bangladesh, up to Bay of Bengal, and same number ship coming Dhaka river port from their destinations. Dhaka Sadarghat located at bank of the Buriganga river in Dhaka city and largest river port of Bangladesh and also it claim largest in the world.