Most Popular Bank in Bangladesh

List of most popular Bank in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh Bank
Bangladesh Bank.
Bangladesh have Hundreds of Bank, but not all Bank is popular here. Bangladesh Bank, the central and state bank of Bangladesh. All Bank in Bangladesh controlling by Bangladesh Bank. However if you looking most popular bank in Bangladesh, then Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) is most popular and largest Bank in Bangladesh. Here have some others popular Bank, but they are not popular as IBBL. After IBBL Bank, Brac Bank, DBBL Bank, Sonali Bank, Agrani Bank, Dhaka Bank, Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Prime Bank Bangladesh, Rupali Bank Bangladesh Limited, Trust Bank Bangladesh and Exim Bank Bangladesh etc is the most popular Bank in Bangladesh.

My Latest Trip to Arial River and My Photos

Photos of my latest trip on river side.
I was at river bank.
At this moment, I can't visiting any place of Bangladesh for bad political situation. However I want visiting and take photos, but I can't. Actually now it impossible in Bangladesh, because transport now restricts here. For this bad reason, a few days ago I was visiting Arial river, It's a few km away from my village home. I was visiting with my friends. In this time, every village of Bangladesh now yellow village, Because it's winter session of Bangladesh. I published Yellow Bangladesh photos on this blog and others website. There has very snow and it was very hard to take clear photos, however I was many natural pictures for sharing on my blog, my Google+ and Google earth, and I did it too. I'm still waiting for a good political situation, Then I want visiting some attractive destination of Bangladesh and I want to take natural picture. Find me on Google+ for Bangladeshi beautiful photos and destination information, that I sharing on there with my Google+ friends. Don't forget to post your valuable comments if you like my travel photography.

10 Amazing Pictures of Dhaka City 2014

See the latest amazing photos of Dhaka(2014)
Dhaka River Terminal
Dhaka River Terminal.
Today Dhaka is the 8th largest city in the world, and Dhaka city will be world's largest city in 2030. It's old city, Dhaka have many historical destination and ancient vehicle. However I was looking for amazing things in Dhaka for photography, also I was success. Photos of Dhaka city, must visiting destination in Dhaka city, just amazing places. However I already published 100 of beautiful photos of Dhaka city on this travel photography blog, and now sharing top 10 amazing pictures of Dhaka city of 2014. Another 10 photos here: Beautiful Dhaka City. I think I took best photos of Dhaka city for you, give me a comments on this post with Google+ commenting for give me brave to continue share Bangladeshi beautiful pictures, that I took from many attractive destination of Bangladesh. Most of travelers never visited most of amazing place in Dhaka city or they are missed to visit, so deciding to share amazing pictures, that I already posted on Google+ and they gave me good respond for my travel photography in Bangladesh. See all 10 photos and share with friends on web or share blog link and post a comments.

Amazing Yellow Nature of Beautiful Bangladesh

See the beautiful yellow flower photos
Yellow Bangladesh
Yellow Bangladesh.
At this moment, specially in winter session, Bangladeshi nature is very beautiful with yellow mustard flower. It's everywhere in Bangladesh, but you need to go village area for view yellow nature and yellow fields. However yesterday i was visiting some beautiful village in Bangladesh and i was taking many photos of beautiful yellow fields. It was another beautiful day for me, because i was happy for my photography. I also posted many photos to Google earth and Google+, and now posting to this travel photography blog. If you want to see more photos of beautiful Bangladesh, then please visit my photos on Google earth and post a comments here. I posting regular natural photos on this blog, on Google earth and my Google+ profile, and it will be continue. Click continue to view all photos, all 10 photos, just amazing Bangladesh.