Trekking Package in Bandarban of Bangladesh

Adventure holidays in Bandarban.
Trekkers in Bandarban
Trekkers in Bandarban, organised by BD Tour.
Bandarban, the trekkers’ paradise, can only be explored thoroughly by means of trekking in its diverse landscape. The very organic rhythm of foot travel is a wonderful way to discover and experience unbeatable combination of natural beauty and culture making meaningful contact with this extraordinary country. Trekking in Bandarban of Bangladesh starting from the low landscape through the green hills, you can trek up to the foot of the Boga lake, Keoradong, Chingri fall, Raikkhyang fall and lake, Jadipai fall, Sapa Hapang, or make a circuit of the highest peak of the. Trekking in Bangladesh is fun, rewarding and revealing beyond all surmise. Trekking in Bangladesh is an all season activity.  One can go for a trek at any time of the year depending on where he wishes to go in Bandarban.

We, BD Tour & Travel Plan Ltd, organize socially and environmentally responsible trekking in Bandarban in all major trekking routes of Bandarban for the tourist with no prior experience of trekking to the proficient trekkers. All our trekking itineraries are professionally designed to appeal to all the levels of walking experience keeping in mind to ensure a memorable holiday in Bangladesh of our respected guests.
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Pics of our latest trekking programs.
A moment in the heaven
A moment in the heaven.
So, tired !
Enjoying sightseeing.
Amazing children.
At Boga lake.
in a car.
In a restaurent for dinner.
Way to Jadipai fall.
A beautiful monent.