Incredible Beauties in Khulna of Bangladesh

Travel pictures of Phultala, Khulna.
Khulna Bangladesh
Beautiful Home.
Just at home after a long trip to Khulna, have traveled many beautiful place there. Khulna is one of the important area of Bangladesh, has a rich history. Also Khulna is most popular for world's largest mangrove forest Sundarban, but have many interesting destinations too for travel. Specially we have traveled much in Phultala upazila of Khulna, as Roy Chowdhury Jamidar Bari, ancient Kalachand Temple, Robindro complex at Dakkhindihi village. It's a most recommended place for Robindranath Tagore fans and historical lovers. Don't forget to contact us for make a memorable trip to there, if you get a chance.

Village sightseeing
Village sightseeing.
River in Khulna
Beautiful Bhairab River in Khulna.
Mothbari primary school
Mothbari primary school.
Titya pond
Historical Titya Lake.
old building in Khulna
A old building in Khulna.
River in Khulna
River in Khulna.
Boat in the river
Boat in the river.
River near Khulna
River near Khulna.