Top 10 Beautiful lake in Bangladesh

Beautiful lake pics of Bangladesh.
flood in Bangladesh
A natural lake (lake by flood).
Bangladesh is very beautiful country for its amazing nature. In Bangladesh, here also have beautiful lakes too. Now I posting 10 beautiful lake pics, that I have recently took from various location in Bangladesh. It's one of the best collection of lake in Bangladesh, because I was taking those pictures and posting to here. Also I posted this 10 photos to other posts of this travel blog and Google earth too. The number one pics of this post? yes, I took it from southern area of Bangladesh. It was fishing scene, then there was flooding. Also flood in Bangladesh is the normal fact for us. However it wasn't very easy to travel and capturing photos of top 10 beautiful lake from most beautiful place in Bangladesh, but I did it for share my nature photography to my travel photography blog for showing you how much beautiful is Bangladesh ! I think everyone will be understand about my hard working for this Bangladesh travel blog. Don't miss to see other posts on this website for know about beautiful destinations in Bangladesh. It's a daughter of nature; every corner in Bangladesh, one have beauties. Contact ( ) for visiting these beautiful lake.

Madaripur Lake.
It's one of beautiful lake in Bangladesh, located in center of Madaripur town. It's one of the most visited tourist destination in Bangladesh. Everyday hundreds of tourist visiting this beautiful lake.
boga lake
Dragon lake.
Dragon lake or lake of the Dragon is located in Bandarban hill tracts district it's called as Boga lake of Ruma. It's a death volcano and a beautiful destination for tourism or holiday vacation.
Gulshan lake
Gulshan lake.
Gulshan lake located in Dhaka city and one of the most well known lake in Bangladesh.
Captai lake
Captai lake.
Captai lake is the largest man made lake in Bangladesh and Asia continent too. It's located in hill district Rangamati, and Captai lake is a very beautiful lake in Bangladesh. You can see waterfall, beautiful royal palace, tribal life and beautiful green nature around of this lake.
Hatir jheel Lake
Hatirjheel Lake
Hatirjheel lake located in center of Dhaka city and top visited lake in Bangladesh.
Gopalgonj Lake
Gopalgonj Lake.
If you going to Sundarban forest by bus or car from Dhaka, then you should find it near of Gopalgonj town. Don't forget to take beautiful pics of this beautiful lake.
Meghla lake
Meghla lake.
Meghla lake is located in Bandarban and a few km away from Bandarban town. Don't miss to visit this beautiful lake, also a small zoo located at near of meghla lake. Enjoy beautiful wildlife and beautiful nature of meghla tourism center in Bandarban.
Dhanmondi lake
Dhanmondi lake.
Dhanmondi lake is one of the beautiful lake in Dhaka city, only a few km away from parliament building. 
Sonargaon lake
Sonargaon lake.
Sonargaon lake located in Sonaraon upazila of Bangladesh and only 30 km away from Dhaka city.

However Bangladesh have hundreds of lake, so it was very hard to select top 10 from them. Lake using for commercially, simply ignored from this list. As well as Foy's lake was a beautiful lake in Bangladesh, but now not. So Foy's lake and commercial lake ignore for commercial purpose.