A Guide to plan your Bangladesh Travel

Guide for visiting Bangladesh.
Beautiful nature of Bangladesh
Beautiful nature of Bangladesh.
If you have plan to visit Bangladesh for travel or business reasons, read this guidelines to know about Bangladesh and it's very necessary for foreigner tourist and businessman. In Dhaka city, there you can get everything very easily as well as Bank in Bangladesh for exchange foreign currency to Bangladeshi Taka, finding hotel in Dhaka for stay there, finding Hospital or drugs store or buy medicines, finding restaurant in Dhaka city or other needs. Or you can easily find any tourist spots in Dhaka city by help of a tourist guide in Dhaka. But outside of Dhaka? however village of Bangladesh is totally difference from capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka city. You must need to contact with any tourist guide for easily and safely visit Bangladeshi villages area.

Must need to know something before go to village:

There have not any Bank, hospital, restaurant, hotel, ATM booth and other important things. So you must need prepare everything before your trip to village in Bangladesh.

However if you want to see original beautiful nature of Bangladesh, then you must need to go village for experience with amazing nature. You can see many beautiful destination in village area as like life of village in Bangladesh, take a boat for river journey, live with village peoples,  live with farmer of Bangladesh, enjoy unforgettable trips and take photos of village tour.

You can make you village tour by car, launch, rocket steamer etc. In village road, there have many battery rickshaw and easy bike for travel any area of any village. Some village have not road, there only have beautiful river. So you can enjoy boat journey.

Village peoples is much friendly than Dhaka city people. You can see the simple life of villager and you can stay in village by spend some money, it will be another experience in your life.
Bangladesh flood picture
Fishing in Village.