10 Amazing Pictures of Dhaka City 2014

See the latest amazing photos of Dhaka(2014)
Dhaka River Terminal
Dhaka River Terminal.
Today Dhaka is the 8th largest city in the world, and Dhaka city will be world's largest city in 2030. It's old city, Dhaka have many historical destination and ancient vehicle. However I was looking for amazing things in Dhaka for photography, also I was success. Photos of Dhaka city, must visiting destination in Dhaka city, just amazing places. However I already published 100 of beautiful photos of Dhaka city on this travel photography blog, and now sharing top 10 amazing pictures of Dhaka city of 2014. Another 10 photos here: Beautiful Dhaka City. I think I took best photos of Dhaka city for you, give me a comments on this post with Google+ commenting for give me brave to continue share Bangladeshi beautiful pictures, that I took from many attractive destination of Bangladesh. Most of travelers never visited most of amazing place in Dhaka city or they are missed to visit, so deciding to share amazing pictures, that I already posted on Google+ and they gave me good respond for my travel photography in Bangladesh. See all 10 photos and share with friends on web or share blog link and post a comments.
Dhaka River View
Dhaka River View.
Dhaka Rocket Steamer Port
Dhaka Rocket Steamer Port.
Landscape of Dhaka city
Landscape of Dhaka city.
SAARC Foundation in Dhaka
SAARC Foundation in Dhaka.
Dhaka Sadarghat
Dhaka Sadarghat.
Gulshan Avenue in Dhaka
Gulshan Avenue in Dhaka.
Beautiful photo of Dhaka
Beautiful photo of Dhaka.
Gulshan 2 Road in Dhaka
Gulshan 2 Road in Dhaka.
Dhaka River
Dhaka River.