Indian visa appointment Date Etoken

Appointment date for Indian VISA.
Indian visa appointment
Indian visa appointment.
দেশের সবচেয়ে বড় এবং নির্ভরশীল ইন্ডিয়ার ভিসা এপোয়েন্টমেন্ট ডেট ই-টোকেন প্রদান কারী প্রতিষ্ঠান।  প্রতিমাসে গড়ে ৩০০ থেকে ৫০০ ফাইল ডেলিভারি দিয়ে থাকি।  শুধুমাত্র ঢাকা মিশনের কাজ নেই, অন্য মিশন হলে যোগাযোগ করার দরকার নাই। প্রতি ই-টোকেন বাবদ ২,৫০০ টাকা দিতে হবে ।অগ্রিম ছাড়া কাজ করা হয়না।  আপনার ফাইলটি আমাদের মেইল করুন বিল প্রদানকারী বিকাশ নাম্বার সহ। WhatsApp and Bkash number: 01710771195. Email: আমাদের কল বা মেসেজ দিতে পারেন WhatsApp দিয়েও। ট্রাভেল এজেন্টদের বিশেষ ছাড় দিয়ে থাকি।
We give appointment dates for Indian visa application. we make Indian Visa Appointment e-token date an Visa (Date) E-Token Service All kinds of Indian visa process. We help you to get appointment date and Indian visa. Will assist you to get an Indian emergency, normal or urgent VISA for tourist, medical, job & student. Each Tourist should complete online visa application form separately and submit print copy to Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna
and Rajshahi.

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Indian visa appointment
Indian visa appointment Bangladesh.
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Indian visa appointment date problem
Indian visa appointment date.
কিভাবে খুব সহজেই ইন্ডিয়ান ভিসা এপোয়েন্টমেন্ট ডেট ই-টোকেন পাওয়া যায়?
আমাদের পাঠান ভিসা এপ্লিকেশন ওয়েব ফাইল নাম্বার, পাসপোর্ট নাম্বার এবং বার্থ ডে অথবা সিম্পলি ইন্ডিয়ার ভিসা অনলাইন এপ্লিকেশন টেম্পোরালি ফাইল নাম্বারটি সেন্ড করুন এই 07নম্বারে অ এই ইমেইল এ . আমরা অতি তারাতারি ডেট পাইয়ে দেই অল্প খরচে। ইন্ডিয়ান ভিসা ই-টোকেন পাওয়া এখন খুব সহজ এবং সময়ও লাগে অল্প। যারা কোন ভাবেই ডেট পাচ্ছেন না বা টাকা দিয়েও এপোয়েন্টমেন্ট পাচ্ছেন না, তারা আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন ই-টোকেন এর জন্যে। এজেন্টরাও যোগাযোগ করুন আপনাদের কাজের জন্যে, আমরা খুব তারাতারি ডেলিভারী দিয়ে থাকি। এমার্জেন্সী ই-টোকেন এর জন্যে সন্ধ্যার মধ্যে কল করুন। একদিনের মধ্যে জরুরী ডেট দেয়া হয়।
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Capital of Bangladesh: Beautiful city in Asia

Dhaka city travel photography.
Dhaka city
Train in Dhaka city.
Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It's one of the largest and beautiful city in the world. How much you know about this city? If you ever didn't visited Dhaka, then it's very hard to you for answer about this question. However Dhaka city is the very old city, more than 400 years old city. Now Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. A few month ago I was visiting Dhaka and took photos, That now you can see here. My day in Dhaka city, It was another busy and important day for me. At morning I was reading Bangladesh news papers for latest news of Bangladesh and latest world news. After news papers, I was looking a ATM booth for withdraw something money by Visa card. So I was searching visa card logo on ATM booth in Dhaka city and finally i got money by using my visa card from Brac Bank ATM booth in Dhaka city. After withdraw, I visited a few of attractive destination in Dhaka city for visiting and travel photography. However I faced traffic jam problem in Dhaka city and I lost a few hours for hug traffic jam,

Pics of Bangladesh: Beauties of Heaven

see must visiting destinations in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh, a beautiful heaven in South Asia and the gift of nature. Here I sharing 10 beautiful tourist destinations pics of Bangladesh, don't miss to visit this ten beautiful place before die. However I took this 10 pics from difference places in Bangladesh. I was visiting Dhaka Sonargaon, national martyrs, Dhaka sadarghat river terminal, Bandarban, Boga lake, Cox's bazar, Sundarban mangrove forest, beautiful rivers in Bangladesh, yellow nature, hills and I met a tornado during my trips to Bangladesh. For nature lovers, Bangladesh is the unforgettable destination for tourism and travel. They can enjoy their trips naturally with beautiful nature of villages. At Dhaka sadarghat, you can take a boat by a little money for enjoy a river journey. Also outside of Dhaka city famous for green nature, you can enjoy green nature tours and travels to Bangladesh. However 10 day to 15 days is enough for visiting Bangladesh.

A look around traffic jam in Dhaka city

Traffic jam video & photos of Dhaka.
Traffic jam is one of the big problems for Dhaka city, although Dhaka working to solve this hug traffic problem. But truth is Dhaka needs much time to solve this. Why traffic jam is the main problem in Dhaka city? answer is Dhaka is the one of the largest city in the world and it growing without plan. However Dhaka city corporation continue to working here for solve this problems by making new fly over, new city road, metro rail and underground road in around the city. This travel photography blog have many photos of Dhaka city. We think all problems in Dhaka city will be solve very soon, but Dhaka need to invest much money for developing facilities and citizen rights. However traffic jam isn't a little problem, it's very big problems and we need to wait a few years for completely solve and need to invest much money. It's very necessary to control all vehicle in Dhaka city as well as private car, rickshaw, battery rickshaw, micro bus, mini bus, city bus service and train service in Dhaka.

Top 10 Beautiful lake in Bangladesh

Beautiful lake pics of Bangladesh.
flood in Bangladesh
A natural lake (lake by flood).
Bangladesh is very beautiful country for its amazing nature. In Bangladesh, here also have beautiful lakes too. Now I posting 10 beautiful lake pics, that I have recently took from various location in Bangladesh. It's one of the best collection of lake in Bangladesh, because I was taking those pictures and posting to here. Also I posted this 10 photos to other posts of this travel blog and Google earth too. The number one pics of this post? yes, I took it from southern area of Bangladesh. It was fishing scene, then there was flooding. Also flood in Bangladesh is the normal fact for us. However it wasn't very easy to travel and capturing photos of top 10 beautiful lake from most beautiful place in Bangladesh, but I did it for share my nature photography to my travel photography blog for showing you how much beautiful is Bangladesh ! I think everyone will be understand about my hard working for this Bangladesh travel blog. Don't miss to see other posts on this website for know about beautiful destinations in Bangladesh. It's a daughter of nature; every corner in Bangladesh, one have beauties. Contact ( ) for visiting these beautiful lake.

Wonderful Bangladesh in the Pics

Pics of beautiful Bangladesh.
Bangladesh nature.
Bangladesh, it seems to an ever green natural country in South Asia. Everywhere in here, has beautiful natural beauties, has beautiful rivers, mountains, green forest, beaches etc. However now we are posting some new collection of beautiful pics of Bangladesh, that I have recently took. Don't forget to share it on Facebook, Google+, twitter or on other social website, that you're using or like. If you want to travel in Bangladesh or have plan to visit any destination as well as Cox's Bazar sea beach or Sundarban or Bandarban or any other tourist place, then write a mail me to confirm your next trip. see below to view all pics of this album, the wonderful Bangladesh.

Dhaka City Full Day Photography Tour

We offering photography tour to Dhaka
Dhaka Sadarghat.
Dhaka Sadarghat.
Special photography tour in Dhaka city for tourists. We have much experience about photography at Dhaka city, including old Dhaka. For our guests, we are offering full day photography and sightseeing tour. If you have plan to photography in your Dhaka tour, then don't miss us to take heart touching pictures of Dhaka city and any street of it. We covering any area or street of Dhaka that you want, as Dhaka sadarghat, old Dhaka, Lalbagh fort, Sonargaon and Panam city, Hatirjheel lake, Gulshan lake, Kamrangir char ( a Island near Dhaka), Bongo Bazar and others attractive destinations of capital city Dhaka. Just a mail us or call +8801710771195 to confirm your tour. If you have any questions or want to know more about Bangladesh, please come to Facebook conversation with much question, We welcoming you to Bangladesh.

Nice Hills at Sitakunda of Bangladesh

Sitakunda Hill.
Sitakunda, a holly place of Hindus for Chandranath Temple and a beautiful tourist spot of Bangladesh. You can see this romancing place without break your journey, this hill area discover able from Dhaka-Chittagong high way. If you want to visit Sitakunda, then you need to break your trip at Sitakunda bus stand, sitakunda hill located at near of Chittagong road. It;s better to visit Sitakunda hill at the morning time, then you can easily visit Two beautiful waterfall if you go to Sitakunda Eco park. We recommend you to spend a full day for your Sitakunda trip, then it would be an unforgettable tour in your Bangladesh tourism.

Capital of Bangladesh: Dhaka City Photography

Selected photos of Dhaka on Google earth.
Dhaka City
Dhaka City.
I was walking in street of Dhaka city, specially Gulshan area, Then i took some beautiful pictures of Dhaka. However, I already posted to Google earth and Google+, and now posting to this travel photography blog. This day was very nice day for me and I was happy with my friend, I met him after photography. I covered Gulshan 1, Gulshan 2, Hatir Jheel, Ahsan Manzil, Agargaon, Karwan Bazar for take photos, Also I took a few pictures of others nearest place. If you like my photography, then post a comments. However Dhaka is the Capital of Bangladesh, It's capital city and largest city of Bangladesh. I tried to taking best beautiful photography of Bangladesh Capital for this travel photography blog, my Google+ and Google earth too. Don't forget to see others photos of Dhaka or Bangladesh on this website. I guess you would be love my photography.

Travel Photography In Chittagong Hills Districts

Photos of Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachari.
Rangamati, Bangladesh.
In Bangladesh, there have not other places as beautiful as Chittagong hills districts. Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachari is the Chittagong hills districts, also they are three difference districts, but they are hill tracts area in Bangladesh. Travelling and travel photography isn't easy there, but it's very enjoyable and beautiful travel for young travelers. Although it's a beautiful destination for tourism and trekking, but it can't attract huge numbers of visitor for bad communication system. For this reasons, this area called as a dangerous area in Bangladesh. However there have many Army camp for give safe to travelers. As a results, now this area almost safe for travelers. We was staying at a Tribal home and other resorts during our travel in Bandarban, Kagrachari and Rangamati hills tracts districts. With me, other 8 tourists traveled this area safely. We was happy for our Chittagong hill tracts trips. It's a really beautiful destination for travelling in Bangladesh.

Tourist Attractions in Faridpur District

Full overview of beautiful attractions of Faridpur.
Faridpur Judge court
Faridpur Judge court building.
Faridpur is one the oldest district of Bangladesh. We have discovered this beautiful area and took many pics, that you can see on below of this post. Faridpur is a district in central Bangladesh. It is a part of the Dhaka Division. Faridpur District has a population of over 1.7 million people and is situated on the banks of the Padma river. Recently we have spend two days at there for travel and capture the beauties of natural Bangladesh. It's very easy to make a short trip to there from Dhaka city or any other place of Bangladesh.

Trekking Package in Bandarban of Bangladesh

Adventure holidays in Bandarban.
Trekkers in Bandarban
Trekkers in Bandarban, organised by BD Tour.
Bandarban, the trekkers’ paradise, can only be explored thoroughly by means of trekking in its diverse landscape. The very organic rhythm of foot travel is a wonderful way to discover and experience unbeatable combination of natural beauty and culture making meaningful contact with this extraordinary country. Trekking in Bandarban of Bangladesh starting from the low landscape through the green hills, you can trek up to the foot of the Boga lake, Keoradong, Chingri fall, Raikkhyang fall and lake, Jadipai fall, Sapa Hapang, or make a circuit of the highest peak of the. Trekking in Bangladesh is fun, rewarding and revealing beyond all surmise. Trekking in Bangladesh is an all season activity.  One can go for a trek at any time of the year depending on where he wishes to go in Bandarban.

Incredible Beauties in Khulna of Bangladesh

Travel pictures of Phultala, Khulna.
Khulna Bangladesh
Beautiful Home.
Just at home after a long trip to Khulna, have traveled many beautiful place there. Khulna is one of the important area of Bangladesh, has a rich history. Also Khulna is most popular for world's largest mangrove forest Sundarban, but have many interesting destinations too for travel. Specially we have traveled much in Phultala upazila of Khulna, as Roy Chowdhury Jamidar Bari, ancient Kalachand Temple, Robindro complex at Dakkhindihi village. It's a most recommended place for Robindranath Tagore fans and historical lovers. Don't forget to contact us for make a memorable trip to there, if you get a chance.

River trip package in Bangladesh

A Look Around our Launch trips.
We are offering best enjoyable river trip in Bangladesh. River trip at Bangladesh can be regarded as ‘Paradise on Earth’ in view of its stunning natural beauty. This short but comprehensive trip will introduce you to this beauties including the beautiful Delta. Also Bangladesh is the largest Delta in the world. For short river trip, we offering Dhaka-Chandpur-Dhaka launch trip for our honorable guests. It's a 22 hrs trip. Start time at 8 morning, end time next day at 06 morning. We take you from your hotel and reach to hotel at next morning after a unforgettable river trip. Dhaka to Chandpur, it's 4 hrs trip to arrive there by a beautiful and largest launch. 
The reserved cruising boat to enjoy the fantastic cruising through the water of the Chandpur point, the largest Delta in the world. The journey through the Bala Bazar point and entering into the widest part of the Meghna, Padma and Dakatia river in the delta will be an amazing experience. Contact us for enjoyable river trip, make a unforgettable journey in the river of world's largest delta. Book your journey by call to +8801710771195, mail: or Live chat on facebook.

Cheap Group Tour Package in Bangladesh

Special and customized travel package for group or family tour. Please contact us for real travel and holidays in Bangladesh. Need any change in this tour program? We welcome you always, we are offering best customize travel, honeymoon, Adventure and relax holidays in Bangladesh. Please feel free to write us, what destinations you want visit in Bangladesh.

Dhaka-Chittagong-Rangamati-Cox's Bazar-Teknaaf-Chandpur-Barisal-Khulna-Benapole/Dhaka Tour package for family or group.

Day 1: Morning or Afternoon arrive at Dhaka airport( or anywhere in Dhaka), Meet & welcome guest. Check in at hotel. visit Dhakeshwary Temple, Old Dhaka, Sadarghat, Boat Journey at Burigonga river etc. At evening, Dhaka city night sightseeing. Overnight stay at hotel in Dhaka city.

Day 2: Early in the morning, way to Chittagong. visit Panam city, Sonargaon, Mainamati (Visit the most impressive archaeological sites Shalban Vihara at Moinamati Lailmai hill range. There are more than 50 archaeological spots like Shalban Vihara, Kutila Mura, Ananda Vihara, Charaputra Mura, Itakhola Mura and Rupban Mura which are very important for studies Buddhism) . transfer to designated Hotel. Overnight stay at hotel in Chittagong city.

Day 3: Early in morning, a short trip to Potenga beach, Chittagong sea port and Kornofuly river. At 10 am, Visit DC office for permit to travel Rangamati. After permit, way to Rangamati. The road journey will be very much attractive passing through the wayside markets, evergreen tropical forest and the hill valleys. The road journey may take two hours to reach Rangamati. En-route visit the famous Rajban Vihara Buddhist Complex. Check in at hotel Green Castle in Rangamati city. Afternoon, Visit Rajbari, Hanging pool, Tribal village etc. Over night stay at Green Castle.

Day 4: Early in the morning , the reserved cruising boat to enjoy the fantastic cruising through the crystal clear water of the vast Kaptai lake, the largest man made lake in Asia. We will take breakfast at boat. The journey through the Shuvolong point and entering into the widest part of the lake in the back drop of high hills covered with deep forest will be an amazing experience which is more exciting than that of Kashmir valley. Enjoy the extra ordinary tourist spot at Shuvolong and hill top tribal village. Leave Rangamati for Cox's Bazaar at 11:00 am and visit Dulahazara Safari park. The road journey will take around 4 or 5 hours. Transfer to designated hotel at beach side area. Relax and enjoy the world's longest unbroken sea beach at your own. Overnight stay at hotel in Cox's Bazaar .

Day 5: At the morning, Drive though the coast line in the back drop of panoramic forested hills at Himchari, Inani and reach up to Teknaaf Beach (160 km longest beach road). Enjoy the unspoiled beach, surfing waves and stroll through the virgin coral beach. The longest beach road in the world. visit the Burmese conch shell market and enjoy lunch with sea fish. Back to Cox's Bazaar through another road, Naaf river road ( Sightseeing Myanmar). Relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset from world's longest sea beach. Overnight stay at hotel in Cox's Bazaar.

Day 6: Early in the morning, leave Cox's Bazaar for Barisal via Chandpur. Enjoy the beautiful Ganges delta. We take a largest ferry for Meghna river, it's two hrs river trip. Barisal is 100 km away from Meghna ferry ghat, we take a beautiful inside village road. After arrive to Barisal, check in a hotel and resting there. At evening city tour, Including old temple, launch terminal, shopping mall. Overnight stay at hotel in Barisal.

Day 7: At the morning visit the village area of Barisal, a few hrs trip. at 09:00 am Leave Barisal for Benapole port. On the way, we will visit Gopalgonj, Khulna, Jessore and drive to Bnapole port through beautiful river view road( 50 km long river view road). Launch at Khulna. Arrive to Benapole by 03:00 pm.

Travel to Bangladesh and Trip Pictures

Pics from our latest trips, that I took recently.
Green Bangladesh.
Bangladesh is a small country but its natural beauty  is un-measurable ! Creator may create this country specially for the tourist. There are no other countries in this world like Bangladesh. It is also a river irrigated country. Rivers are in a zig-zag or cross manners. Golden land, green forest, high hills or mountains, living together of different people. blue waves of the sea and blue sky above seem to me dreaming. Such people will not be found who do not become mad watching the charm full natural beauties of Bangladesh. He who visited Bangladesh once will visit again. It is Bangladesh which means beauty. Bangladesh means a safe and famous country for tourists. Contact for a customized trip to anywhere in Bangladesh. I've visited every corner of, so I know well, what destinations perfect for you.

Travel Photography In Calcutta of India

Trip pics of Calcutta (Kolkata) city of India.
A few days ago I traveled India's old city Calcutta. It was capital city of British India colony, now it's almost a ruins city. I and my team, we covered city area and other nearest destinations in Calcutta of India as well as Calcutta new market, Hoogly river, eden garden, Maidan, Howrah bridge, Sealdah rail station etc. We used Benapole port immigration for visiting India, it was easy for us. See my pics on below, that I took from Calcutta at April 2014. Don't forget to post your comments, If you like my photography or you have any question about visiting India and any place of Bangladesh.

Natural beautiful life: Jobs with nature

I took it from my job in nature.
nature pics
Green nature.
A few month ago, I was working in a natural disaster management project. It was a nature job, jobs in nature. We was visiting green natural village and a few of natural products producing factory in near of that village. Also you can see the beautiful green nature at everywhere in Bangladesh, not only in this beautiful village. It's a nearest village of mangrove Sundarban forest, so we wildlife in village too. Also people in that village was almost natural, natural hair and very friendly. We was taking nature pics and people portraits in this village, most of natural pics already published to in this nature photography blog and continue posting more picture to various platforms as well as Google+, Facebook etc. 

Cheap travel insurance in USA

A list of cheap travel insurance companies.
cheap travel insurance
Boeing 707.
If you're an USA citizen and looking a cheap travel insurance company at near of you, then you can contact with one of company of this list. It's better for you, if you can contact your company before your trips. Or contact a cheap travel insurance after get a visa of Bangladesh for safely tours or adventure travel to here. I writing you a list of best cheap travel insurance companies list for you or your family travel insurance.
Insure and Go: Insure and Go is one of the best cheap travel insurance company in the USA and for USA citizen. Don't forget to sign travel insurance agreements with this best travel insurance provider. However USA have other cheap travel insurance company as well as Allianz Global AssistanceSeven CornersTravel Guard and USA-ASSIST etc. So don't miss your best perfect travel insurance company before your travel to Bangladesh. However you also can sign an agreements with medical insurance company company, if need. We don't think you need more insurance as like private health insurance for travel. Your travel insurance is enough for visit to outside of USA, they will continue support you about everything.

Digital photography: Ideas for family pictures

Family Photography and family travel photo.
Portrait Photography
family portraits.
A few days ago I got a wedding photography work. However wedding photography price isn't important for me, important is their hospitality and family. Before and after this wedding photography, I took many family portraits of them and they was happy for my photography. Also I took their engagement photos too, a beautiful engagement photography. I like all photography class as well as travel photography, nature photography, wild photography, wedding photography, baby photography or newborn photography too. A days before of wedding photography, I took their beautiful family portraits photography, most of happened at outside of home. It was digital wedding photography, not online digital photography, but I love online digital photography too. 

A Guide to plan your Bangladesh Travel

Guide for visiting Bangladesh.
Beautiful nature of Bangladesh
Beautiful nature of Bangladesh.
If you have plan to visit Bangladesh for travel or business reasons, read this guidelines to know about Bangladesh and it's very necessary for foreigner tourist and businessman. In Dhaka city, there you can get everything very easily as well as Bank in Bangladesh for exchange foreign currency to Bangladeshi Taka, finding hotel in Dhaka for stay there, finding Hospital or drugs store or buy medicines, finding restaurant in Dhaka city or other needs. Or you can easily find any tourist spots in Dhaka city by help of a tourist guide in Dhaka. But outside of Dhaka? however village of Bangladesh is totally difference from capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka city. You must need to contact with any tourist guide for easily and safely visit Bangladeshi villages area.

Travel Photos in Map of Bangladesh

View picture gallery of Bangladesh in map.
Photo of Bangladesh.
Photo of Bangladesh.
It's a review post of Bangladeshi photos on Google maps. See the attached maps and browse any gallery for see the travel photos of Bangladesh. Total photo album in this maps up to 30, so here have more 300 beautiful picture of many destination in Bangladesh. Most of photos taken from Dhaka city and others from various location of Bangladesh as Sundarban mangrove forest, Khulna division photos, Chittagong photos, Dhaka city pictures new, Dhaka city pictures 2014, 2013 and 2012. and others destination is the Bandarban, Khagrachari, Rangamati, Sylhet, National martyrs savar, National parliament of Bangladesh, Dhaka sadarghat launch and rocket steamer photos. Now you can see and download Bangladeshi HD natural pictures for wallpaper and theme. See the below maps and select and gallery for browsing Bangladeshi photos by map of Bangladesh. Don't forget to post your comments about beautiful picture

How to find a home around Bangladesh?

Home in Dhaka.
Home in Dhaka.
Suppose you're in Sylhet and got a new job in Dhaka. So you want to move temporarily or permanently to Dhaka. The first thing that comes to mind is how to find a new home. If you do not have someone in your life especially in Dhaka, it’s really difficult to find a home.  It’s harder for a foreigner who doesn't understand native language but wants to live in Bangladesh. There was a time when you have to wait for a long time to find a suitable home for you. Today, in the era of Internet, those days seem like fantasy. Today Bangladeshi people are also renting and selling their flats through online marketplace like developed countries. If you are new in the city then this is a good way to find home for you. However in this case, reliability becomes a concern. These days there are many online marketplaces with a lot of private seller or landlord offering flats for rent or sale. But as they are not familiar and not professional property brokers there is a risk of fraud

Travel In Bandarban of Bangladesh

Picture of Bandarban tourism.
River In Bangladesh
River In Bangladesh.
A journey was for visiting Bandarban with my travel friend, a 7 days trip. We was visiting many popular tourist attractions in Bandarban, Bangladesh. We covered Nilgiri hills, Ruma upazila of Bandarban, Kewkradong hill, Boga lake and others beautiful place in Bandarban. I already posted much pictures of Bandarban and Chittagong hills districts. Don't forget to browse other photo gallery of Bandarban for see the beauties of Bangladesh. A few of Bangladeshi news papers also publishing some information about attractive destination and popular tourism sight news. You need to see my other posts about travel in Bandarban for know more about this must visiting district in Bangladesh. I don't understand why Bangladeshi peoples travel to Darjeeling or other hill districts of India? Is they hates Bangladesh or they haven't enough idea about beauties of green Bangladesh? however I think they are mentally sick or stupid

Bandarban Golden Temple Photography

Beautiful photos of Bandarban Golden Temple.
Bandarban Golden Temple
Bandarban Golden Temple.
August 2013, I was visiting Bandarban Golden Temple for photography. Original name of this Tempe is "Buddha Dhatu Jadi" It was my 11 days long trips to Chittagong hills districts and Cox's Bazar beach. However I arrived in Bandarban Golden Temple from Rangamati by our minibus( private car), we bring our car from Dhaka city for long trips to different places in Bangladesh with my clients( they was 8 person). For visiting Bandarban Golden Temple, entry ticket is must necessary. We got our entry ticket from temple gate by little money. However I took many pictures of Bandarban Golden Temple and nearest places. It's a beautiful Buddhist Temple in Bangladesh, and one of the most attractive destination in Bandarban. This Temple located at near of Bandarban town, only 2 km away from Sangu Bridge. Bandarban Golden Temple is a popular tourist spot in Bangladesh, thousands of local and foreign tourist visiting

Photos of Summer Session In Bangladesh

Pictures of Bangladeshi summer session.
Bangladesh picture
Bangladesh picture.
Bangladesh, a country of beautiful green nature. June and July month, the summer session in Bangladesh. In summer time, Bangladesh is so much green land. Then it's a very beautiful country than winter session. However in summer session, some area of Bangladesh become a winkie country for pink flowers and others colorful summer flowers. Last summer of Bangladesh, then I was visiting many place for seeing green field and hills area. All ten pictures of this post, I took from hills district Bandarban at last summer time of Bangladesh. That time, I saw many tornado and rainbow during my trip to hills tracts Chittagong area. It was another dangerous experience in my life and

How to easily find your desired car or motorcycle around Bangladesh

Car in Bangladesh
Car In Bangladesh.
If you are from a foreign country and decided to live in Bangladesh for a while because of profession, personal interest, family etc. you may like to get your own ride. Buying a new car or motorcycle in Bangladesh for a foreigner especially from the western countries can be a little bit complicated. Here people are open for negotiations. If you are not familiar with it, you may like to get some idea about the market beforehand or search where you can get your vehicle with a reasonable fixed price option. Also it is important to find a trusted dealer who can ensure the originality.

Picture of Beautiful Waterfalls In Bangladesh

Picture of Bangladeshi beautiful waterfalls.
water fall Bangladesh
Risang Waterfall.
Bangladesh have uncountable beautiful waterfall, the source of natural water. But most of waterfall located at much away from center of Bangladesh, they are located in Chittagong hills area and Sylhet area. So it's not very easy to visit the most beautiful waterfall of Bangladesh for everyone. Bandarban a hill district of Bangladesh, there have many beautiful waterfall as Chingri waterfall, Jadipai waterfall, Raikkhyang waterfall, Double falls etc. Also others hill districts have a few beautiful fall as Shuvolong waterfall in Rangamati and Rechang waterfall in Khagrachari. and other falls located in Sylhet area. I was visiting many waterfall of Bangladesh and I took hundreds of picture of beautiful falls. Bandarban is best place in Bangladesh for family holidays, tours and travel, tourism, and nature photography. It's the most recommended destination for hills trekking, forest visiting, nature sightseeing and enjoy the ultimate beautiful nature. If you want to visit most of waterfalls in Bangladesh, then you need to go Chittagong hills districts Bandarban for visiting or photography.

India Tours and Travel Photography

Photos of India tours.
Ajmer city, India.
Ajmer city, India.
November 2013, I was visiting India. It was my 3rd trip to there with three friends. We stayed 15 days for visiting many attractive destination and travel photography. We started our trip from Dhaka city by Soudia Mercedes Benz bus, local time at 11:30 pm. However we was happy for our long trips to another country, and we was ready for stay in India or tourism and photography. From Dhaka city, at first we arrived Calcutta city of India after immigration ok. We decided visiting India by Train and visiting Ajmer city first. from Calcutta(Kolkata), we stayed 30 hrs more in train for reach to Ajmer city. After visiting Ajmer Holly Shrine, then I took many photos of that city, Including lake, ancient fort, street photos, city photos, peoples portrait and more. Then I visiting New Delhi via Jaipur city by a train, it was 8 hrs train journey. However it was my first visit to New Delhi city, I was very exiting for visiting a new city. I was thinking New Delhi is a beautiful and developed city, but I was wrong. New Delhi is worse city in the world, and our Dhaka city so much better, largest, developed and beautiful city than New Delhi and others city of India. Dhaka have skyscraper building, Delhi have not. See skyscraper Dhaka city for compare other city with it. I faced many problems in New Delhi, specially for the uneatable foods and unavailable of good restaurants.

Most Popular Bank in Bangladesh

List of most popular Bank in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh Bank
Bangladesh Bank.
Bangladesh have Hundreds of Bank, but not all Bank is popular here. Bangladesh Bank, the central and state bank of Bangladesh. All Bank in Bangladesh controlling by Bangladesh Bank. However if you looking most popular bank in Bangladesh, then Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) is most popular and largest Bank in Bangladesh. Here have some others popular Bank, but they are not popular as IBBL. After IBBL Bank, Brac Bank, DBBL Bank, Sonali Bank, Agrani Bank, Dhaka Bank, Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Prime Bank Bangladesh, Rupali Bank Bangladesh Limited, Trust Bank Bangladesh and Exim Bank Bangladesh etc is the most popular Bank in Bangladesh.

My Latest Trip to Arial River and My Photos

Photos of my latest trip on river side.
I was at river bank.
At this moment, I can't visiting any place of Bangladesh for bad political situation. However I want visiting and take photos, but I can't. Actually now it impossible in Bangladesh, because transport now restricts here. For this bad reason, a few days ago I was visiting Arial river, It's a few km away from my village home. I was visiting with my friends. In this time, every village of Bangladesh now yellow village, Because it's winter session of Bangladesh. I published Yellow Bangladesh photos on this blog and others website. There has very snow and it was very hard to take clear photos, however I was many natural pictures for sharing on my blog, my Google+ and Google earth, and I did it too. I'm still waiting for a good political situation, Then I want visiting some attractive destination of Bangladesh and I want to take natural picture. Find me on Google+ for Bangladeshi beautiful photos and destination information, that I sharing on there with my Google+ friends. Don't forget to post your valuable comments if you like my travel photography.

10 Amazing Pictures of Dhaka City 2014

See the latest amazing photos of Dhaka(2014)
Dhaka River Terminal
Dhaka River Terminal.
Today Dhaka is the 8th largest city in the world, and Dhaka city will be world's largest city in 2030. It's old city, Dhaka have many historical destination and ancient vehicle. However I was looking for amazing things in Dhaka for photography, also I was success. Photos of Dhaka city, must visiting destination in Dhaka city, just amazing places. However I already published 100 of beautiful photos of Dhaka city on this travel photography blog, and now sharing top 10 amazing pictures of Dhaka city of 2014. Another 10 photos here: Beautiful Dhaka City. I think I took best photos of Dhaka city for you, give me a comments on this post with Google+ commenting for give me brave to continue share Bangladeshi beautiful pictures, that I took from many attractive destination of Bangladesh. Most of travelers never visited most of amazing place in Dhaka city or they are missed to visit, so deciding to share amazing pictures, that I already posted on Google+ and they gave me good respond for my travel photography in Bangladesh. See all 10 photos and share with friends on web or share blog link and post a comments.

Amazing Yellow Nature of Beautiful Bangladesh

See the beautiful yellow flower photos
Yellow Bangladesh
Yellow Bangladesh.
At this moment, specially in winter session, Bangladeshi nature is very beautiful with yellow mustard flower. It's everywhere in Bangladesh, but you need to go village area for view yellow nature and yellow fields. However yesterday i was visiting some beautiful village in Bangladesh and i was taking many photos of beautiful yellow fields. It was another beautiful day for me, because i was happy for my photography. I also posted many photos to Google earth and Google+, and now posting to this travel photography blog. If you want to see more photos of beautiful Bangladesh, then please visit my photos on Google earth and post a comments here. I posting regular natural photos on this blog, on Google earth and my Google+ profile, and it will be continue. Click continue to view all photos, all 10 photos, just amazing Bangladesh.