Long Trip To Chittagong And Cox's Bazar

We traveled many attractive destination in Bangladesh.
photos of Bangladesh
Amazing view of Bandarban.
Another long trips to Bangladesh, with eight of close friends. We started our trip from Dhaka city, our last destination was Teknaaf sea beach in Cox'sbazar. At first we visited Khagrachari districts, then Richang fall and Alutila tourism park. From Khagrachari, we visited many waterfall and attractive destination in Rangamati as like Kaptai lake, hanging pool and others amazing tourist places. From Rangamati hill tract, then we make our trip to Bandarban. In Bandarban, our expected destination was Jadipai waterfall in Ruma. We stayed 4 days in Ruma. Then we make our tour to Cox'sbazar, from Cox'sbazar, We visited Teknaaf sea beach and others nice place in Teknaf upazila of Cox'sbazar. Our trip was a long trip and discovered all expected destination by our own ac car and own driver. It was our dreamed travel for all of us. We never will be forget our amazing moments during our tour.