If You Think You Saw Everything In Bangladesh

Everything has beauty, But not everyone can see.
Flower shop in Dhaka
Flower shop.
If you you think you saw everything in Bangladesh. Then I want to say, Your travelling life just begin. Bangladesh, It's a land of nature. Nature give us thousands of awesome destination around the country. Bangladesh has river, Launch, Rocket steamer, waterfall, mountains, sea beach, Island, Jungle, Village, Peoples and green lands, They always best in the world. I living a village and  it's very easy for me to discover Bangladeshi beautiful village. Some time I like travelling through walking, boat etc to cover villages. And others beautiful destination of Bangladesh, It's defend on those area's transport system. In Dhaka city, Rickshaw is unforgettable way to discover Dhaka city and capturing amazing pictures during travel.
How I easily discover untouched and hidden beautiful destination ? It's very simple for me, By my own tricks. When I am travel to any new destination, The talking with local decent. I get enough knowledge from them to cover hidden beautiful place and always taking to camera.

Travelling Bangladesh With Children

If you want to know about Bangladeshi children
Children at play.
Children at play.
Childhood life in Bangladesh, It's much to different from western childhood. They like to play football at the river bank with others children. They like swimming, jumping to river from the bank, running contest on the river side etc. I had some amazing experience with Bangladeshi children. Can you do this ? oh, If you want to travelling here with dozen of Bangladeshi child and want to do something, Then call me to arrange your trips. It's Arial Khan River, about 15 km away from Madaripur districts, and 200 km from Dhaka sadarghat Launch terminal and about 15 hrs launch journey. I am always bring offer for travelers to discover undiscovered destination and get the real taste of village tour.

The Ultimate Green Bangla Tour

A look around green villages of Bangladesh.
Green village
Green village.
The green Bangladesh- It's not a revolution, It's games change moments for Bangladesh. I recently traveled many villages of Bangladesh and also Discovered hidden beauties of green. Here you'll get the real taste of ever green nature. Then everyone can be see the real heavens scene in all around Southern Bangladesh. Summer is the best session to watching green Bangladesh and real beauties of nature. Now you can take a boat to make a journey at village lake or river. From June to Sept, It's the summer session in Bangladesh.