River Journey In Bangladesh By Launch Ship

Bangladesh, a riverine country including capital city Dhaka. As the history of Dhaka city
Dhaka Sadarghat Bangladesh
A Look Around Dhaka Sadarghat.
it's being a city for rivers. River journey one of the attractive trips in Dhaka city. While travel in Bangladesh, Dhaka sadarghat tour is unforgetable for every travelers and i'm granted this to all body. It's a busy area and one of the route reach or leave Dhaka city and connected southern Bangladesh with capital city of Bangladesh. Small hands ride boat is another attractive water vehicle to short river trip. mainly Saturday i'm starting my regular river trips from Dhaka sadarghat to Riverine city Chandpur, it's 4 hours on going tour and total 8 hrs up-down trips from Sadarghat to Chandpur. This route one the shortest river route near Dhaka city. Passanger ship, called as Lonc in Bangladesh; 24 hrs available at Sadarghat for this destination but rocket steamer is not available as lonc. Per single kabin/Room fare is 500-600 Taka and Double Kabin/Room is 700-1000 Taka per single ongoing tours. You no need to books the ticket before your trip, ticket available on Lonc. Have a nice River tour.

Unseen Beautiful Natural Photos of Bangladesh

Bangladesh, the land of ever green nature and rivers.
natural village photos in Bangladesh
This natural photos taken from Shariatpur.
I'm always enjoy traveling as like natural villages tours or natural forest tour. Although i'm travel in Bangladesh from 2000, but day to day it's become my profession not hoby. Specially Bangladeshi natural village deeply attract me every day, then going outsite of my home to enjoy another tours. Winter sesson or Summer sesson, it's no problem to travel Bangladesh or create an adventure singly or with friends and others travelers, it's always enjoyable on life. If you like visiting Bangladesh and outsite of Dhaka city, then you have many option to visiting thousands of natural villages in Bangladesh. Village is traffic jam free, so no need to keep a huge tension and villages peoples is always simple and friendly than city.

Dhaka Sadarghat Sightseeing River Tours

Dhaka sadarghat terminal is a popular tourist attraction.
Dhaka Sadarghat Travel
Dhaka Sadarghat View.
Dhaka sadarghat river port, it's famous on world wide and called as largest river port in world. Thousands of "Lonc" and small boat is main attraction of this place. It's really amazing place and unforgetable destination in Bangladesh. Evevry day thousands of lonc leave Dhaka sadarghat river port another thousands of landing here from southern Bangladesh. Bay of Bengal sea is last destination of this lonc it's also reached some island of Bangladesh from Dhaka city sadarghat port. 2nd Bangladesh-China friendship bridge is the best place to view sightseeing and photography of Sadarghat area. I'm always enjoy sightseeing and travel photography from this long bridge. This bridge is toll free for traveler, who like to photography and sightseeing.

Photos of HatirJheel Lake In Dhaka City

Day to day, Dhaka become a largest city in South Asia.
Hatir Jheel
Hatir Jheel City.
Hatir Jheel, the new projects of beautification Dhaka city. It's called a lake, park, bridge and many other facilities to build clean and liveable Dhaka city. Its already become an attractive location to visit in Dhaka City. Every day thousands of visitor visit this sight. Afternoon is the best time to visiting and photography to HatirJheel lake and nearest others nice places, if you're a photographer. Bangla motors is best place to start HatirJheel sightseeing view tours. For me, i'm always enjoy hatirjheel lake trhough walking. It's very awesome lake and pool is nice as lake. But keep in mind, always use the footpath to avoid any kind of car accidents during travelling on Dhaka hatirjheel lake.