Sonargaon: The Old Capital of Bangladesh

Sonargaon, the unforgettable tourist spot in Dhaka.
Sonargaon was the administrative center and capital of medieval Muslim rulers of East Bengal (modern Bangladesh). It became as the capital of Bengal during Isa Khan's ruling. Sonargaon was the business center on north India and parts on China. The area falls under present-day Narayanganj District of Bangladesh. Sonargaon, only 30 km away from center Dhaka and it's only 1 hours journey from Dhaka, by road. Ruler of Sonargaon was the great fighter against Delhi. It's a perfect destination for travel photography. Sonargaon, the one of the popular tourist attraction in Dhaka. However it's very easy to visiting this place from Dhaka city. At first go to Gulistan, then a bus a bus for private car for visiting Sonargaon and Panam city.

Best Photos of Dhaka City 2013

January 2013, i'm visited many places of Dhaka city.
Dhanmondi, Dhaka city
Dhanmondi, Dhaka city.
I was visiting many places of Dhaka for photography, including New Market, Parliament Area, Sadarghat River Port, Dhanmondi Area and other attractive places in city. I'm captured hundreds of picture of Dhaka city, also some street child's photos and meet with a few of street girls. However, day to day Dhaka city become a largest and growing city in South Asian Sub-continent. Dhaka city is the fast growing city in Asia continent. It's a lovely place and a perfect destination to enjoy a city holiday for foreign travelers. And Dhaka has many tourist attraction.

Bangladeshi Women Visiting National Parliament.
Bangladeshi Women Visiting National Parliament.
Dhanmondi Lake
Dhanmondi Lake.
Traffic Jam Mirpur Road Dhaka
Mirpur Road Dhaka.
Night View New Market Mosque
Night View New Market Mosque.
Rickshaw in Dhaka
Rickshaw in Dhaka.
Shopping Mall In Dhaka City
Shopping Mall In Dhaka City.

How To Discover Bangladesh Within 15 Days

An Example Route of Bangladesh Tours.
Travelling Bangladesh.
Travelling Bangladesh.
Hello dear visitor, how to Discover Bangladesh within 15 days ?

Dhaka-Sonargaon-Mainamati-Chittagong-Rangamati-Bandarban-Cox's Bazar-Teknaaf by Road. Teknaaf to St'Martin(coral island) by Ship. back to Cox's Bazar city by Ship and Bus from St'Martin. Then you've two option to back to Dhaka city from Cox's Bazar. 1st, Cox's Bazar-Dhaka by Air, 2nd Cox's Bazar-Chittagong by Bus, Chittagong-Sylhet by Train, Sylhet to Dhaka city by Air/Train/Bus. If you choose the 1st route, then you can visiting Sylhet from Dhaka city by Air/Train/Bus. 2nd route, sylhet is including.