Travelling Bangladesh With Children

If you want to know about Bangladeshi children
Children at play.
Children at play.
Childhood life in Bangladesh, It's much to different from western childhood. They like to play football at the river bank with others children. They like swimming, jumping to river from the bank, running contest on the river side etc. I had some amazing experience with Bangladeshi children. Can you do this ? oh, If you want to travelling here with dozen of Bangladeshi child and want to do something, Then call me to arrange your trips. It's Arial Khan River, about 15 km away from Madaripur districts, and 200 km from Dhaka sadarghat Launch terminal and about 15 hrs launch journey. I am always bring offer for travelers to discover undiscovered destination and get the real taste of village tour.
Dig to River
Dig to River.
Jumping to River
Jumping to River.
Amazing Children
Amazing Children.
Football Play bangladesh
Football Play.
He He..
Football Play
football games.
Children of Bangladesh
Children of Bangladesh.
The child of Bangladesh
The child of Bangladesh.
The child of Bangladesh
They performing well.
Crazy child.
Crazy child.
Children coming
Children coming.
Bangladesh Football Team
Football Team.
Bangladesh river
They swimming.
Amazing Swimming Bangladesh
Amazing Swimming.
Child swimmer
Child swimmer.