Amazing River Photos of Bangladesh

Selected pictures of river tour in Bangladesh
Amazing River
Amazing River.
Bangladesh, Known as a country of rivers and world's largest delta. However, these pictures was taken from my latest river, when i'm traveled many river of southern part of Bangladesh. We're enjoyed hands riding boat journey on river during short trip to large rivers. You can enjoy this too. If you want to visit river bounded villages, Then you should choose Bangladesh to awesome river village and Island during your extreme trip to here. River tour are one of the unforgettable tours in Bangladesh.

Lovely Sunset
Lovely Sunset Scene.
River In Bangladesh
River In Bangladesh.
Hand riding boat journey in river
Hand riding boat journey.
A child swimmer on river
A child swimmer on river.
A Large river
A Large river.
Nice River
Nice River.
River and Moon
River and Moon.
A small river of Bangladesh
A small river of Bangladesh.
Sunset on river
Sunset on river.