Top 10 Beautiful Jamidar bari In Bangladesh

10 Zamindar bari Royal Palace in Bangladesh
Roy Chowdhury Jamidar bari
Roy Chowdhury Jamidar bari Khulna.
Ahsan Manzil: It's a famous Royal Palace in Bangladesh, located in Dhaka city and near at Dhaka sadarghat terminal. Nawab family of Dhaka or rulers of Dacca lived here and it's was their office and Royal palace. Ahsan Manzil was the official residential palace and seat of the Dhaka Nawab Family. It was built by the Nababs family of Capital Dhaka. This magnificent building is situated at Badamtoli along the banks of the Buriganga River in Bangladesh. Today Ahsan Manzil become a historical museum in Bangladesh. Ahsan Manzil is known as majestic pink palace and one of the most finest and old structures in Dhaka and significant architectural monuments. And at now, Ahsan manzil is an attractive tourist place in Dhaka city.

Ahsan Manzil
Ahsan Manzil.
Prithimpassa Jamidar bari or Prithimpassa  Royal palace.
Prithimpassa zamidar bari
Prithimpassa zamidar bari is one of the greatest royal palace in Bangladesh, situated at Kulaura upazila in Moulvibazar Districts of Sylhet. And about 245 km away from Dhaka city.
Mymensingh Rajbari
Mymensingh Rajbari.
Mymensingh Rajbari is one of the oldest zamidar bari in Bangladesh. Located in Muktagacha upazila of Mymensingh districts and about 124 km from Dhaka city.
Tajhat Palace
Tajhat Palace.
Tajhat Royal Palace is a historic palace of Bangladesh, located in Tajhat upazila in Rangpur. This palace now has been turned into a museum. and Tajhat Rajbari is 311 km away from Capital city Dhaka.
Dinajpur Rajbari
Dinajpur Rajbari.
Dinajpur Rajbari is located at the North-East part of the Dinajpur town. The name of the location is "Raj Batika", just near to the Rajarampur village. And about 350 km away from Dhaka city.
Mohera Jamidar Bari
Mohera Jamidar Bari.
It is guessed that near 1890 Mohera Jamidar Bari (Landlord's Home) was founded by Kali Charan Shahagong who was the first Landlord. Mohera Zamidar bari is about 80 km from Dhaka city.
Rani Bhabani Palace
Rani Bhabani Palace.
The name of Rani Bhabani is that most closely associated with what may be the most fascinating of the many palace complexes in Bangladesh. It's 217 away from Dhaka city.
Puthia Palace
Puthia Palace.
he Rajbari or Palace of the Raja of Puthia and the Dol Mancha is part of the complex. The temples are laid out around a lake with a sprawling lawn.
Baliati Zamindar bari
Baliati Zamindar bari.
Baliati Zamindar bari is situated about 35 miles northwest of Dhaka and 5 miles east of Manikganj district headquarters. It is also known as “Dosh-ani-Zaminder bari"