My Favourite Holiday Destination In Bangladesh

best holidays destination in Bangladesh.
Cox's Bazar sea beach
Cox's Bazar beach.
Have different meanings and benefits and are liked by different people. For me, my favourite holiday destination in Bangladesh is Cox's Bazar. Of all my holidays, there is one destination that stands out in my mind. Cox'sbazar sea beach, a mind blowing place with sun and waves of blue water and mountains. To me, this place is the ultimate holiday destination in Bangladesh, and the one that keeps calling me back to visit again. I love travelling, I enjoy photography and the skills behind them. So, it's very hard to stay at home without visiting and nature photography on beach city Cox'sbazar. It's also a perfect honeymoon destination for Bangladeshi couples. They are can be enjoy ultimate loves on beach tours. I'm always recommend this destination to all of my friends and foreign travelers, who want to visit and walking on world's longest sea beach. When you arrive in beach city Cox'sbazar, it can all seem a little strange, The streets bustle with different kinds of people, and even walking from the coach to your hotel will be an assault on your senses, as the smells and sounds are so very different from any mega city. It can be surreal walking through a city or a town, where people hawk their goods to you, where bartering is as natural as breathing, and where food can cost barely anything in one location, and be really pricey in the next. And hotels is available on beach. After a few hours of acclimatization, however, you will soon realise that there is something special about this place. It may be the mountains that you can almost always see somewhere in the distance that convince you. Alternatively, you could realise how friendly the people are, and how for some reason the Brits don’t act as horrifically here as they do in other holiday spots.

Himchari cox'sbazar
I also love Himchari beach. It is absolutely clean and quaint. Some of the areas are untouched by commercialisation. From the beaches to the forests, it’s simply beautiful and it's only one hours journey from Cox'sbazar beach city. Himchari is a lovely beach, loves is every where in here.
Dulahazara Safari Park.
Dulahazara Safari Park.
Dulahazara safari park, In this park, all of the animals can move freely. They are free of bindings. This park occupies a huge area. It is full filled with thousands of ferocious animals. Thousands of tourists visit this park daily and it's located in Chakaria upazila of Cox'sbazar on Chittagong-Cox'sbazar road, about 50 km from Cox'sbazar town.
Teknaaf, another heart touching place in Cox'sbazar. You'll be seen Myanmar from Teknaaf. Naaf river is an attractive spot of Teknaaf and it's about 120 km from Cox'sbazar. Have a nice tour.
If you want to experience this beach city Cox'sbazar, then you are in luck. Travelling is a part of my job that you can contact me as your tourist guide in Bangladesh, #Aslam.