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When i'm traveling West Bengal then capture some photos.
beautiful village photos
Park in a Village
It was my second trips to India, visiting many places in west bengal. Unlike calcutta(Kolkata), it's like a semi destroyed city or poor city than Dhaka. So then i'm planing to visit village area and historical places of India. From kolkata, i'm move to Murshidabad for visiting some historical place. At first i'm visiting Plassy monuments near a plassy rail station. After plassy tour, i'm visiting Berhampore city through local train. From berhampore, moved to Lalbagh. Lalbagh is the old capital of Bengal, the royal place of Nowab Sirajuddowla and many river. During my busy travel, capture the many photos of west bengal of india. But most people is very poor here. They are was very busy on field to works as farmer.

poor people india
Sightseeing tour. bangladesh
Sightseeing tour.
Village photos bangladesh
Village photos.
River View india
River View.
Flower field india
Flower field.
Village Sightseeing bengal
Village Sightseeing.
Sightseeing india
Natural Field India
Natural Field.
Village Sightseeing India
Village Sightseeing from water tank.