Dhaka Sadarghat Sightseeing River Tours

Dhaka sadarghat terminal is a popular tourist attraction.
Dhaka Sadarghat Travel
Dhaka Sadarghat View.
Dhaka sadarghat river port, it's famous on world wide and called as largest river port in world. Thousands of "Lonc" and small boat is main attraction of this place. It's really amazing place and unforgetable destination in Bangladesh. Evevry day thousands of lonc leave Dhaka sadarghat river port another thousands of landing here from southern Bangladesh. Bay of Bengal sea is last destination of this lonc it's also reached some island of Bangladesh from Dhaka city sadarghat port. 2nd Bangladesh-China friendship bridge is the best place to view sightseeing and photography of Sadarghat area. I'm always enjoy sightseeing and travel photography from this long bridge. This bridge is toll free for traveler, who like to photography and sightseeing.
Boat at Dhaka sadarghat river
Boat at Dhaka sadarghat.
Rocket Steamer on sadarghat Terminal.
Rocket Steamer on Terminal.
Lonc Port in Bangladesh
Lonc Port.
Inside Sadarghat river port
Inside Sadarghat.
Rocket Steamer Port in Dhaka
Rocket Steamer Port.
Steamer. in Dhaka
Burigonga River in Dhaka
Burigonga River.
Rocket Steamer view in dhaka
Rocket Steamer view.
Rocket Steamer in Bangladesh
Rocket Steamer.