Best Honeymoon Place in Bangladesh

Honeymoon destination in Bangladesh.
Cox's Bazar Beach
Cox's Bazar Beach.
In Bangladesh, here have many tourist attractions. But if you looking best honeymoon place, then? yes, most of Bangladeshi couples loves Cox's Bazar as their dreamed honeymoon destination, and it's best for everyone, who want to enjoy their honeymoon more beautifully. However Cox's Bazar is the most popular tourist spot in Bangladesh, Millions of traveler  every year visiting this place, most of Bangladeshi and others from outside. In Cox's Bazar, there have hundreds of hotel and Resort, but you need to talking first before book any hotel or resort. and many cheap hotels available there for budget travelers. Cox's Bazar is the world's long beach and very beautiful beach in Bangladesh. It's very attractive destination for newly married couples. You can visiting others attractive tourist spot from there, as well as St'Martin island, it's a coral island and only coral island in Bangladesh. So enjoy your honeymoon at there with much happiness.

Amazing beach
Amazing beach.
Many people in Cox's Bazar
Many people in Cox's Bazar.
Beautiful Beach view
Beautiful Beach view.
Seeing sea
Seeing sea.
Empty beach at morning
Empty beach at morning.
Cox's Bazar sea beach at afternoon
Cox's Bazar sea beach at afternoon.

Foodpanda: enjoy ordering food online in Dhaka

Foodpanda: enjoy ordering food online in Dhaka
Generally everyone loves food and enjoy having Lunch or having dinner together, but sometimes is just a bit annoying to go outside because of the weather, traffic or simply because you are tired. Now something new has arrived to the city, Foodpanda, as is called the company, is offering now in Dhaka their online delivery food service. That means that you can order food online from the internet in only a few clicks.
From the website, simply enter your location and have a look to all the restaurants that are offering delivery food in your area, then you can filter by cuisine, minimum price, delivery free and so on. There are popular restaurants as Pizza Inn, Nandos or Village cooperating with Foodpanda, and the cooperation's seems to be growing up.  Then your food will be delivered at your doorstep, paying cash on delivery.

Travel Photos of Madaripur Bangladesh

Most beautiful photos of Bangladesh
Madaripur Lake Bangladesh
Madaripur Lake.
A few days ago, I traveled Madaripur town and then I took some beautiful amazing pictures for share to this blog. It was one of the best day for me for photography. Then I saw........ Beautiful Bangladesh. I also traveled many village of Madaripur and river. Madaripur is one of beautiful district in Bangladesh, and it's located at south of Dhaka city and about 200 km away from capital Dhaka. You have two option to reach there from Dhaka. by road or ship. Madaripur lake located at Eastern side of town and near of Main road/high way road.

Long Trip To Chittagong And Cox's Bazar

We traveled many attractive destination in Bangladesh.
photos of Bangladesh
Amazing view of Bandarban.
Another long trips to Bangladesh, with eight of close friends. We started our trip from Dhaka city, our last destination was Teknaaf sea beach in Cox'sbazar. At first we visited Khagrachari districts, then Richang fall and Alutila tourism park. From Khagrachari, we visited many waterfall and attractive destination in Rangamati as like Kaptai lake, hanging pool and others amazing tourist places. From Rangamati hill tract, then we make our trip to Bandarban. In Bandarban, our expected destination was Jadipai waterfall in Ruma. We stayed 4 days in Ruma. Then we make our tour to Cox'sbazar, from Cox'sbazar, We visited Teknaaf sea beach and others nice place in Teknaf upazila of Cox'sbazar. Our trip was a long trip and discovered all expected destination by our own ac car and own driver. It was our dreamed travel for all of us. We never will be forget our amazing moments during our tour.

If You Think You Saw Everything In Bangladesh

Everything has beauty, But not everyone can see.
Flower shop in Dhaka
Flower shop.
If you you think you saw everything in Bangladesh. Then I want to say, Your travelling life just begin. Bangladesh, It's a land of nature. Nature give us thousands of awesome destination around the country. Bangladesh has river, Launch, Rocket steamer, waterfall, mountains, sea beach, Island, Jungle, Village, Peoples and green lands, They always best in the world. I living a village and  it's very easy for me to discover Bangladeshi beautiful village. Some time I like travelling through walking, boat etc to cover villages. And others beautiful destination of Bangladesh, It's defend on those area's transport system. In Dhaka city, Rickshaw is unforgettable way to discover Dhaka city and capturing amazing pictures during travel.
How I easily discover untouched and hidden beautiful destination ? It's very simple for me, By my own tricks. When I am travel to any new destination, The talking with local decent. I get enough knowledge from them to cover hidden beautiful place and always taking to camera.

Travelling Bangladesh With Children

If you want to know about Bangladeshi children
Children at play.
Children at play.
Childhood life in Bangladesh, It's much to different from western childhood. They like to play football at the river bank with others children. They like swimming, jumping to river from the bank, running contest on the river side etc. I had some amazing experience with Bangladeshi children. Can you do this ? oh, If you want to travelling here with dozen of Bangladeshi child and want to do something, Then call me to arrange your trips. It's Arial Khan River, about 15 km away from Madaripur districts, and 200 km from Dhaka sadarghat Launch terminal and about 15 hrs launch journey. I am always bring offer for travelers to discover undiscovered destination and get the real taste of village tour.

The Ultimate Green Bangla Tour

A look around green villages of Bangladesh.
Green village
Green village.
The green Bangladesh- It's not a revolution, It's games change moments for Bangladesh. I recently traveled many villages of Bangladesh and also Discovered hidden beauties of green. Here you'll get the real taste of ever green nature. Then everyone can be see the real heavens scene in all around Southern Bangladesh. Summer is the best session to watching green Bangladesh and real beauties of nature. Now you can take a boat to make a journey at village lake or river. From June to Sept, It's the summer session in Bangladesh.

Travel Photography In Bandarban

Amazing Photos, That i'm taken from Bandarban.
Amazing Nature In Bandarban
Amazing Nature In Bandarban.
Bandarban, A perfect destination for nature photography. If you like to get original taste of nature photography and a silent location to watch natural earth, Then it's best place to capture amazing moments on camera. In Bandarban, Everything has beauty but not everyone can see. Nature suitable heart is very necessary than eye. If you're a nature lover, and you want to stay at heaven, then you can select Bandarban hill tracts district of Bangladesh for Trekking, Travelling and Travel Photography, also nature photography too.

Extreme Trekking In Bangladesh

My Bandarban Trekking photos.
I am done a successful trekking on hill tracts Chittagong (from 18-23 June, 2013) with another trekker and our local guide. It was a heavy journey in my life. At first we're reach to Ruma Bazar and waited for our tourist guide. After a days, a bawm women received us from modern guest house of Ruma Bazar. We starting our extreme trekking from mysterious boga lake. We trekking some mountains of Bandarban hill tracts district, Also found some amazing Water falls. Our trekking destination was Boga lake to Jadipai water fall and all destination on this route as Chingri water fall, Darjeeling para, Kewkradong mountain, passing para, Double falls, Jadipai para and awesome jadipai waterfall. we also faced a tornado during

Adventure To Hill Tracts Bandarban

My last adventure to Bandarban
Nature of Bandarban
Amazing Nature of Bandarban.
June 18, 2013 I'm leaved the home for travel to Bandarban of Bangladesh. At first, reach to Chandpur to get Soudia bus way to Chittagong. From Chittagong, I'm caught a bus for reach to Bandarban. From Bandarban, Traveled 3 hrs on a bus to reach Ruma and 2 hrs on small jeep car to reach Boga lake. I'm stayed a few days at Boga lake and finished some trekking from here, And capture many photos of Bandarban.

Photo Gallery: Boga Lake Tour

Photos of Boga Lake (The Dragon Lake)
Boga Lake
The Dragon Lake (Boga Lake).
Boga lake or Dragon lake is one of the oldest lake is the world and highest lake in Bangladesh. It's also  an Amazing Holiday Destination. About 332 m height from sea level. It is a natural sweet and deep water lake. Its height from sea level is nearly 332 m (recorded by me) . Geologists believe that it was created by collection of rain water in the crater of a dead volcano almost 2000 years ago. The lake is rectangular in shape. A local Bowm legend tells that the lake was created after the inhabitants of a Khumi village killed and at a deity who later reappeared to them in the form of a dragon. Instantly an earthquake occurred, the hillside caved in, and the village disappeared and formed a deep lake.The water color of the lake varies at different times at a day depending upon the sun light, humidity and clouds. However a few of bowm and other tribal people already created a small village around the lake,

Amazing River Photos of Bangladesh

Selected pictures of river tour in Bangladesh
Amazing River
Amazing River.
Bangladesh, Known as a country of rivers and world's largest delta. However, these pictures was taken from my latest river, when i'm traveled many river of southern part of Bangladesh. We're enjoyed hands riding boat journey on river during short trip to large rivers. You can enjoy this too. If you want to visit river bounded villages, Then you should choose Bangladesh to awesome river village and Island during your extreme trip to here. River tour are one of the unforgettable tours in Bangladesh.

Unforgettable Travel Photography In Bangladesh

Are you know about beauties of Bangladesh ?
It's just an idea, You can make an unforgettable travel story in Bangladesh. If you want to photography, Then unlimited chance to taking unbeatable photos during travelling Bangladesh. From Sept-March, It's best time for travels. Photography, Specially nature photography; You'll found all things to make best travel photography while travel to Bangladesh. Life is very short, Young life is much more shorter than whole life. So never wait to capture eye catching pictures with me, I will help to you get many attractive location for photography.

Photos of Dakkhindihi Tagore Complex

Beautiful photos of tagore complex.
Tagore complex Bangladesh
120 year old two storey building.
Father in law of Robindhranath tagore bulit this amazing building at Dakkhindihi village in Khuna, about 100 km away from sundarban. It's lovely house, until now. Bangladesh Govt. also declared and make a meusium on this house. Today it's famous as Tagore complex. Dakkhindihi was a important village of Bangladesh for Roy Chowdhury Zamindar bari, Now it's hostory. Dakkhindihi Tagore is an amazing place near Khulna.

Amazing Village Photos of Bangladesh

Nature of Bangladesh.
Amazing Bangladeshi picture
Amazing Bangladesh.
Today I am back to home after a village tours. Here i'm posted Bangladeshi natural photos, i'm just visited recently. While travelling vilage in Bangladesh, captured many pictures from various location of South-West Bangladesh, As well as Madaripur, Gopalgonj, Bagerhat and Khulna etc. It was amazing tour for me, i am discovered many beautiful village. However, Don't forget me to get latest natural photos of Bangladesh. Bangladesh, It's a ever green country and the proud of natural beauties.

Discover Bangladesh Nature
Discover Bangladesh.
Amazing Pond Bangladesh
Amazing Pond.
Mothbari School khulna
Amazing Village School.
Bangladeshi village
Village in Khulna.
Amazing River in Bangladesh
Amazing River in Bangladesh.
Amazing River photos
Amazing River photos.
Amazing Park in Bangladesh
Amazing Park.
Amazing Nature
Amazing Nature.
Green Bangladesh
Green Bangladesh.

Latest Travel Photos of Bangladesh 2013

Most Amazing Travel Photos of Bangladesh.
photos of Bangladesh
Nature of Bangladesh
While travel in Bangladesh, I am taking many photos from various natural location. How much you know about Bangladeshi nature ? Oh no problem, this travel and photography blog help to you about life in Bangladesh, nature of Bangladesh, photos of Bangladesh and all about Bangladesh. Here i'm posted thousands of Georgeous Bangladeshi pictures to share with you and web. Just browsing this my travel blog to views latest travel photos of Bangladesh. Please don't forget to post your comments or mail me, If you like my travel photography. I am continuously visiting Bangladesh from 2000, and Re-Discovering my Bangladesh, always.

Dhaka City Night View Amazing Pictures

How much beautiful Dhaka city at night time ?
night life in Dhaka
Dhaka City After Sunset.
Dhaka city is an amazing city, specially at night time. Night tour in Dhaka city is better than day time tours. Althrough it's a perfect city to travel at any time but at night time in Dhaka city not seen much more travelers, who come to Dhaka for travel and tourism. If you want to travel the Dhaka city at night time, then don't forget to contact any tour guide or hire a car to avoid any kinds of problem and it's better for you to safe travel in Dhaka city or any where in the Bangladesh. have a amazing nice tours in Dhaka city.

Top 10 Beautiful Jamidar bari In Bangladesh

10 Zamindar bari Royal Palace in Bangladesh
Roy Chowdhury Jamidar bari
Roy Chowdhury Jamidar bari Khulna.
Ahsan Manzil: It's a famous Royal Palace in Bangladesh, located in Dhaka city and near at Dhaka sadarghat terminal. Nawab family of Dhaka or rulers of Dacca lived here and it's was their office and Royal palace. Ahsan Manzil was the official residential palace and seat of the Dhaka Nawab Family. It was built by the Nababs family of Capital Dhaka. This magnificent building is situated at Badamtoli along the banks of the Buriganga River in Bangladesh. Today Ahsan Manzil become a historical museum in Bangladesh. Ahsan Manzil is known as majestic pink palace and one of the most finest and old structures in Dhaka and significant architectural monuments. And at now, Ahsan manzil is an attractive tourist place in Dhaka city.

Ahsan Manzil
Ahsan Manzil.
Prithimpassa Jamidar bari or Prithimpassa  Royal palace.
Prithimpassa zamidar bari
Prithimpassa zamidar bari is one of the greatest royal palace in Bangladesh, situated at Kulaura upazila in Moulvibazar Districts of Sylhet. And about 245 km away from Dhaka city.
Mymensingh Rajbari
Mymensingh Rajbari.
Mymensingh Rajbari is one of the oldest zamidar bari in Bangladesh. Located in Muktagacha upazila of Mymensingh districts and about 124 km from Dhaka city.
Tajhat Palace
Tajhat Palace.
Tajhat Royal Palace is a historic palace of Bangladesh, located in Tajhat upazila in Rangpur. This palace now has been turned into a museum. and Tajhat Rajbari is 311 km away from Capital city Dhaka.
Dinajpur Rajbari
Dinajpur Rajbari.
Dinajpur Rajbari is located at the North-East part of the Dinajpur town. The name of the location is "Raj Batika", just near to the Rajarampur village. And about 350 km away from Dhaka city.
Mohera Jamidar Bari
Mohera Jamidar Bari.
It is guessed that near 1890 Mohera Jamidar Bari (Landlord's Home) was founded by Kali Charan Shahagong who was the first Landlord. Mohera Zamidar bari is about 80 km from Dhaka city.
Rani Bhabani Palace
Rani Bhabani Palace.
The name of Rani Bhabani is that most closely associated with what may be the most fascinating of the many palace complexes in Bangladesh. It's 217 away from Dhaka city.
Puthia Palace
Puthia Palace.
he Rajbari or Palace of the Raja of Puthia and the Dol Mancha is part of the complex. The temples are laid out around a lake with a sprawling lawn.
Baliati Zamindar bari
Baliati Zamindar bari.
Baliati Zamindar bari is situated about 35 miles northwest of Dhaka and 5 miles east of Manikganj district headquarters. It is also known as “Dosh-ani-Zaminder bari"

My Favourite Holiday Destination In Bangladesh

best holidays destination in Bangladesh.
Cox's Bazar sea beach
Cox's Bazar beach.
Have different meanings and benefits and are liked by different people. For me, my favourite holiday destination in Bangladesh is Cox's Bazar. Of all my holidays, there is one destination that stands out in my mind. Cox'sbazar sea beach, a mind blowing place with sun and waves of blue water and mountains. To me, this place is the ultimate holiday destination in Bangladesh, and the one that keeps calling me back to visit again. I love travelling, I enjoy photography and the skills behind them. So, it's very hard to stay at home without visiting and nature photography on beach city Cox'sbazar. It's also a perfect honeymoon destination for Bangladeshi couples. They are can be enjoy ultimate loves on beach tours. I'm always recommend this destination to all of my friends and foreign travelers, who want to visit and walking on world's longest sea beach. When you arrive in beach city Cox'sbazar, it can all seem a little strange, The streets bustle with different kinds of people, and even walking from the coach to your hotel will be an assault on your senses, as the smells and sounds are so very different from any mega city. It can be surreal walking through a city or a town, where people hawk their goods to you, where bartering is as natural as breathing, and where food can cost barely anything in one location, and be really pricey in the next. And hotels is available on beach. After a few hours of acclimatization, however, you will soon realise that there is something special about this place. It may be the mountains that you can almost always see somewhere in the distance that convince you. Alternatively, you could realise how friendly the people are, and how for some reason the Brits don’t act as horrifically here as they do in other holiday spots.

Himchari cox'sbazar
I also love Himchari beach. It is absolutely clean and quaint. Some of the areas are untouched by commercialisation. From the beaches to the forests, it’s simply beautiful and it's only one hours journey from Cox'sbazar beach city. Himchari is a lovely beach, loves is every where in here.
Dulahazara Safari Park.
Dulahazara Safari Park.
Dulahazara safari park, In this park, all of the animals can move freely. They are free of bindings. This park occupies a huge area. It is full filled with thousands of ferocious animals. Thousands of tourists visit this park daily and it's located in Chakaria upazila of Cox'sbazar on Chittagong-Cox'sbazar road, about 50 km from Cox'sbazar town.
Teknaaf, another heart touching place in Cox'sbazar. You'll be seen Myanmar from Teknaaf. Naaf river is an attractive spot of Teknaaf and it's about 120 km from Cox'sbazar. Have a nice tour.
If you want to experience this beach city Cox'sbazar, then you are in luck. Travelling is a part of my job that you can contact me as your tourist guide in Bangladesh, #Aslam.

A Look Around Nature Photography

When i'm traveling West Bengal then capture some photos.
beautiful village photos
Park in a Village
It was my second trips to India, visiting many places in west bengal. Unlike calcutta(Kolkata), it's like a semi destroyed city or poor city than Dhaka. So then i'm planing to visit village area and historical places of India. From kolkata, i'm move to Murshidabad for visiting some historical place. At first i'm visiting Plassy monuments near a plassy rail station. After plassy tour, i'm visiting Berhampore city through local train. From berhampore, moved to Lalbagh. Lalbagh is the old capital of Bengal, the royal place of Nowab Sirajuddowla and many river. During my busy travel, capture the many photos of west bengal of india. But most people is very poor here. They are was very busy on field to works as farmer.

River Journey In Bangladesh By Launch Ship

Bangladesh, a riverine country including capital city Dhaka. As the history of Dhaka city
Dhaka Sadarghat Bangladesh
A Look Around Dhaka Sadarghat.
it's being a city for rivers. River journey one of the attractive trips in Dhaka city. While travel in Bangladesh, Dhaka sadarghat tour is unforgetable for every travelers and i'm granted this to all body. It's a busy area and one of the route reach or leave Dhaka city and connected southern Bangladesh with capital city of Bangladesh. Small hands ride boat is another attractive water vehicle to short river trip. mainly Saturday i'm starting my regular river trips from Dhaka sadarghat to Riverine city Chandpur, it's 4 hours on going tour and total 8 hrs up-down trips from Sadarghat to Chandpur. This route one the shortest river route near Dhaka city. Passanger ship, called as Lonc in Bangladesh; 24 hrs available at Sadarghat for this destination but rocket steamer is not available as lonc. Per single kabin/Room fare is 500-600 Taka and Double Kabin/Room is 700-1000 Taka per single ongoing tours. You no need to books the ticket before your trip, ticket available on Lonc. Have a nice River tour.

Unseen Beautiful Natural Photos of Bangladesh

Bangladesh, the land of ever green nature and rivers.
natural village photos in Bangladesh
This natural photos taken from Shariatpur.
I'm always enjoy traveling as like natural villages tours or natural forest tour. Although i'm travel in Bangladesh from 2000, but day to day it's become my profession not hoby. Specially Bangladeshi natural village deeply attract me every day, then going outsite of my home to enjoy another tours. Winter sesson or Summer sesson, it's no problem to travel Bangladesh or create an adventure singly or with friends and others travelers, it's always enjoyable on life. If you like visiting Bangladesh and outsite of Dhaka city, then you have many option to visiting thousands of natural villages in Bangladesh. Village is traffic jam free, so no need to keep a huge tension and villages peoples is always simple and friendly than city.