Photos of National Parliament Building

National Parliament Building is a mystery building.
National Parliament Building
National Parliament.
Today i'm visited national parliament building of Bangladesh in Dhaka. This was a nice moments with a winter morning. However, it's was completely empty reason a strike day of Bangladesh. Also a few local visitor visited National Parliament area during a country wide strike. I'm taken some picture of this place and about 1 hrs traveled around the whole area.

Photos of Bangladeshi Village Tour

Bangladesh, the land of village.
Bangladeshi Village
Bangladeshi Village.
Village is life of Bangladesh, with thousands of natural village. About 90% people of Bangladesh is live villages area. Agriculture and fishing is main works places in villages. Village life is clearly deferential from city life. Tourist also like village tour while travelling Bangladesh. Village life is poor life and simple. Peoples of village is very friendly.

Travel Photos of Sundarban

The Sundarban forest, it's a unbelievable beautiful natural
Sundarban natural mangrove forest
mangrove forest. Sundarban, largest mangrove forest in earth and a place for real adventure with royal Bengal tiger views and river cruise. Bangladesh is famous for it's and tiger, specially for travels and tours. Sundarban is heaven of Asia continent and it's have hundreds of natural river. If you like jungle tours, river tours and animals trips; then sundarban is perfect for you. You can easily stay at Sundarban through boats. Are you ready to adventure...?
Details of Sundarban mangrove forest

Photos of Dhaka City Tours

Dhaka city is my home city.
Dhaka city
Dhaka city.
A few day ago, i'm traveled Dhaka city with my friends. We're visited many attractive place and meet with local and poor peoples. Economics dissimilarity is a real and strong problem in Dhaka. Foot path is main residents home of millions of  poor people. However, Although planning less is main problem but Dhaka city is very nice and one of the largest mega city in earth. I'm shoot the many photos of Dhaka city and sharing some photos to here. If you like my photos, it's a best pay for me. I'm starting my trips from Airport and end to Sadarghat river port, with many destination

Travel To Mainamati

Mainamati, it's a popular tourist attraction of Bangladesh.
Mainamati Bangladesh
Mainamati is an area with several important ancient and ruins Buddhist archaeological sites in Bangladesh. This area is located near Comilla city, which is about 100 km from Dhaka. It took us about an hour and a half to reach Mainamati from Dhaka city. There are several sites in Mainamati, many of them fall inside the cantonment. The place to visit is the Shalban Bihar, which was a Buddhist enclave built by Shri Bhavadeva in 8AD . On this foundation, several repairs and rebuilding have been done over the ages.  The name of the site suggests that in some distant past, it must have been