City Sight Seeing Dhaka With Indian Food

Dhaka city.
Explore Dhaka city with world famous Bangla foods, although Indian food is famous in world wide but it's origin of Bangla food and another name of Bangladeshi food. However, London city is the heaven of Bangladeshi food ( Indian food ). Keep in mind, Bangladesh was a state of India until 1947 and it's some culture and foods known as Indian goods. Today Dhaka is the main important city In Indian sub continent. It's some architectural building, market and monument parks is main attractive place of Bangladesh, as well as National Parliament building, National Martyrs monument, zia park, lalbagh fort and panam city etc. If you have a plan for Dhaka travel, then you can contact me for car service, spot select, hotel select and a tour guide. Bangladesh become a south Asian heaven with ultimate tourist place and natural destination. so, south Asia tour means Bangladesh tour.
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Nondon park bring new era in tourism

nondon dhaka bangladesh
Nondon park, Bangladesh.
It's true, tourism sector of Bangladesh is very poor or unknown, although it's have wonderfull destination for tourism as like cox'sbazar beach, sundarban mangrove forest, thousands of river, own bay of bengal sea and some other unbeatable torist attraction. however, some tourist service company bring many feature in Bangladesh. Nondon water park is a one of the great travel destination of this countries. The Nandan Park,  largest honeymoon or family amusement center near Dhaka city, nondon gretly proud to declare the nice beginning of a new era in tourism sector of Bangladesh. For the first time in Bangladesh, tourist get more taste of water tourism with world clash facility.

National Martyrs Memorial Jatiyo Smriti Soudho

National Martyrs Memorial
National Martyrs' Memorial.
National Martyrs Memorial center (in savar, Dhaka) is a great attractive destination for tourism. After the national parliament building of Bangladesh, National Martyrs Memorial is most safe and clean tour place and it's only 35 k.m away from Dhaka city. National Martyrs Memorial also remind us about 1971, when Bangladesh become a freedom land in south Asia  But today Dhaka become a main trade and business center of Indian sub continent. Dhaka city is more beautiful for National Martyrs Memorial of savar. This location is free for public and tourist, who like to visit this holly memorial place of Bangladesh.
Jatiyo Smriti Soudho
Jatiyo Smriti Soudho
National Martyrs Memorial
Reviewed by President ZIAUR RAHMAN on Dec 16 1971

Best Tourist Vehicle for Health Travel

health travel
Tourist vehicle.
Tourist vehicle is a big fact of health travel, when traveler like to transport any place in tourism area. But all travel destination have not available tourist vehicle system for visitor as well as kerala, here not available any perfect high way road and good kerala vehicle rental. If you like a luxury safari tour and car vehicle is the best perfect for reach to tour place, then a strong tourist vehicle can be reach to you without vehicle accident and car accident on road of during traveling time. Some holidays package also included tourist vehicle transport service in package, if you not scammed by tour operator. So, please make sure before starting your travel- about travel insurance, tourist vehicle, tour operator, tourism destination, trips plan and hotel. if you really want to avoid any accident and travel scam.

Zia Park Memorial Complex in Chittagong

zia park
zia park complex.
Zia park, interface of mini Bangladesh. When visitor come to Bangladesh especially in Chittagong, Shaheed Zia Smriti Complex is one of the great attraction spot for tourism. It's located beside on Dhaka-Cox'sbazar high way road in Chittagong city. Shaheed Zia Smriti Complex, former name Bangladesh Betar Transmission Centre has turned into a 'Mini Bangladesh' under the Bangladesh tourism board. Giving visitors a rich historical background and heritage site, life of local people and their different cultures. Former prime minister, Khaleda Zia, build the Shaheed Zia Smriti Complex for increase tourist. Shaheed Zia Smriti Complex has been built to keep the memory and various aspects of the glorious war of independence afresh in the minds of people, particularly the our future generations through preserving and developing the historic site properly. the scheme involving $10 mn for complete this park.
zia park chittagong
Zia park.
zia park chittagong
Reviewed by Aslam on Oct 11 2012

Private health insurance before your tours

shakira from bangladesh
Shakira in Bangladesh.
Medical health insurance for visitors in Bangladesh is extremely unavailable, even in popular tourist area. Citizens of others countries who are traveling to Bangladesh, visitors need private travel healthcare to stay secure in any place of Bangladesh. private medical health insurance facilities aren't the best in the world in Bangladesh, it's recommended that you take all commonsense precautions before travel. keep a tour guide or travel nursing during your visit. Australia health insurance also allowed to own people, who like to Bangladesh travel? Bangladesh haven't any individual health insurance or business health insurance company for international visitor, who come to Bangladesh from outside. So, you must done a private health insurance before your tours for your private health.