Avoid Travel Operator And Make Free Style Tour

Bangladesh scam tour operator
Some traveler.
If you have been offered a great bargain on a cruise journey to sundarban, base camp or resort vacation, but you cannot seem to get all the details unless you pay the travel operators company first, you may be dealing with a travel scam. Pay now, but Travel later- Typically, Bangladeshi scam tour operators won't give you full information about your trip and travel destination
Bangladeshi hotel room available for traveler and it's cost within $20 to $50.
So, why you become a victim by Bangladeshi Travel agency or operator. Most of places is safe and very perfect for traveler. It's time for say no to Bangladeshi travel agency and Bangladeshi travel operator. They are not only tours operator, also $US builder machine and use to you for illegal income.
It's better to avoid travel operator. Bangladeshi some travel operator offers might sound great on the surface. Certain offers impose so many requirements and restrictions as like fake hotel booking information, companion fees, that you will either never have the chance to take the trip or you will end up paying more than had you made the arrangements on your own or used a tour guide. Never give out your credit card number unless you initiate the transaction and you are confident about the company with which you are doing business. Follow up. Once you have the complete details of your trip, contact the hotel and transportation companies on your own to make certain the reservations have been made. Protect yourself. Always pay without credit card if possible. If you think you've been scammed, contact with your countries embassy. A questionable organization with an offer that sounded too good to be true, A good travel agent knows which questions to ask and what to look for in a legitimate travel package.
Free style tours
Free Style Tour in Bangladesh.
Tour operator
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Reise auf Bangladesch aus Deutschland

sky view of Dhaka city
Dhaka city, Bangladesh.
Bengal ( Modern Bangladesh ) was a main business center for Deutsche merchants. Before the British Aggression, Bengal was a Richest Country in the World. From Golden era of Bengal, German peoples comes to Bangladesh for business. However, Today Bangladesh is known country for tourism to Deutsche  For It's world longest sandy beach, coral island, world biggest natural mangrove forestmountain, green village and nature. A Bangladeshi Consulate office located in Berlin, Germany. Bangladesh Embassy in Germany was opened on 7 April 1972. http://www.bangladeshembassy.de/
service apartments in Dhaka,Bangladesh
Apartments in Dhaka City.

Tour de Bangladesh from France

Sundarban Natural Mangrove Forest
Sundarban Natural Mangrove Forest, Bangladesh.
French peoples also like to travel. Every year, thousands of french voyager comes to Bangladesh for tourism. It's a safe and very perfect places of them. Bangladesh due to its cultural richness is surely a destination for people from far off counties,who love to know more about the heritage and the history of this country. It's has many tourism site to attracting tourist. If you are planning to your Bangladesh trip, then you can contact with Bangladesh Embassy in Paris City. 
              Embassy of Bangladesh, France
109, Avenue Henry Martin 75016 Paris, France
Tel: +33(0)1 46 51 90 33 Fax: +33(0)1 46 51 90 35 http://www.banglaemb-paris.org
River Tourism in Bangladesh
A River in Bangladesh.

Travel To Hilltracts Bandarban

Nilgiri mountain
Nilgiri mountain Bandarban, Bangladesh.
Bandarban Hill Tracks District is the remotest and least populated area in Bangladesh. The lure of the tallest peaks of country, treks through natural virgin hill forests and great chance to meet more than 20 tribes of the region. View photos of BandarbanPopular Attractive places of Bandarban:

Mangrove Forest Sundarban

Sundarban forest Situated in south west Bangladesh,
sundarban forest Bangladesh
Sundarban, Bangladesh.
full of different varieties of creatures and surrounded by Bay of Bengal seas and lakes is the world's largest saline water body, the natural mangrove forest Sundarban. The number of species of plants found in this forest is greater than that in any other natural mangrove forest of the world. Sundarban is the world's largest delta located at the mouth of the Ganges and Brahmaputra River. Enriched with the alluring natural beauty of the south and full of various forms of life, Sundarban draws the attention of the whole world. It is a variegated playground of human civilization with its large forests, various creatures, tradition, culture and great history. The Sundarban world's biggest natural mangrove forest: Sundarban Situated Mostly In Bangladesh. A small portion of it lies in India. The Indian part of the forest is estimated to be about 19% and no royal Bengal tiger here, while the Bangladesh part is 81%. If you have 4 to 5 days to spend on the lap of the nature in that case no other place is better than Sundarban.

Tourism in Bangladesh for Great Experience

Ancient Temple in Bangladesh
Ancient Temple in Bangladesh.
Tourism in ever green land Bangladesh is a slowly developing more foreign currency earner. The Bangladesh has much to attract international traveler and domestic traveler. Bangladesh as a nice holiday making country exposes to many flamboyant facets. Its great tourist attractions site are many folded, which include many archaeological sites, historical holly mosques and ancient monuments, thousands of resorts, world longest beaches, un-countable picnic spots, world biggest mangrove and hill forests and many kinds tribal people, wildlife scene of various species. It's offers ample opportunities to international tourists for angling, sea surfing, water skiing, river cruise journey, hiking, rowing, yachting, sea beach bathing as well as bringing new one in close touch with pristine nature.
Tourism in Bangladesh
Gulshan mosque Dhaka.

Cox'sbazar sea beach tour with nice winter vacation

Cox's bazar Beach, Bangladesh
Cox's bazar Beach, Bangladesh.
A pine and coconut trees fringed beach is the best place to spend a private or family holiday after a strenuous period of job in your workplace. Therefore, there is nothing like visiting a tropical sea beach during your nice winter vacation. Bangladesh also offer some beautiful beaches. As like world longest cox'sbazar beach. However, you must visit Bangladesh when there is no rain. It is very important to avoid rainy season if you want to enjoy a hill tour with beach touches.
If you go to cox'sbazar sea beach you might find many people around. Therefore, if you really want to enjoy calm and quite surroundings, you have the some option to rent a hotel room with private stretch of beach. Hundred of hotel available near beach. Though it will be comparatively expensive, it will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy sea breeze and fine sand the right way. You have the option to enjoy the beach throughout the day when you do so. However, you must avoid the beach during high noon as sunburns might appear.
Cox'sbazar beach
Cox'sbazar beach.
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St. Martin Island and Naaf River Tour

Naaf River from Teknaf
Naaf River from Teknaf, Cox'sbazar, Bangladesh.
How to Start St. Martin Island Tour ? St. Martin is the best island in south Asia. And Teknaf is the Doors of Saint Martin. Teknaf is the most popular tourist attraction and bounded by Bay of Bengal sea( called cox'sbazar beach) and naaf river. Teknaf sub-district situated on the nice Naaf river and just at the end of the hilly girls of the cox'sbazar beach city. You can come to sea land Teknaf from beach city by regular jeep car drive beside the Seashore or you can go there by passanger bus or Micro-bus by road or beach road, as like cox'sbazar-Inani-Teknaf. Myanmar(Burma) is on the opposite bank of Naaf. Some Wild animals and Sea birds are available here but the most interesting thing is a journey on the river from teknaf to St. Martin coral island. Cox'sbazar unbroken Wide sandy beach in the backdrop of high hills with ever green forests is an enchanting scene never to be forgotten.
Passenger ship, st. martin
Passenger ship, st. martin, Bangladesh.

Top 10 Tourist Attraction in Dhaka

Tourist Attraction of Dhaka
A hotel in Dhaka.
Popular Tourist Attraction of Dhaka: Jamuna Future Park( Asian Biggest Shopping Mall), Bashundra City Shopping Mall(South Asian Biggest Shopping Center), Baitul Mukarram National Mosque, Sonargaon Folk Arts and Crafts Museum, Panam City(Ruins),  Dhaka Zoo, Curzon Hall, Botanical Garden Zoological Garden, Ramna Garden, Sangsad Bhaban ( Parliament Building by Luis Kahn),  Ahsan Manzil Museum, National Museum, National Memorial Park(savar), National Park(Rajendrapur), Lalbagh Fort, Armenian Church, Dhakeshwari Temple, Seven domed Mosque, Fantasy Kingdom, Nandon Park, Zia Uddan Chandrima Park, Kamalapur Railway Station And Ashulia Lake. Dhaka with its great history and rich culture Known the world over as the city of mosques and muslin. Dhaka as the capital of Bangladesh has grown into a busy city of about twenty million people. Dhaka was founded in 1608 A.D. as the seat of the imperial Mughal Viceroy of Bengal. View details about Dhaka:

Himchari beach is a really nice tourist attraction

Himchari beach, Cox'sbazar
Himchari beach, Cox'sbazar . 
Himchari beach, is really and nice attraction for visitors coming to beach city Cox's bazar, be it domestic or foreign tourists. This beach location is situated only 6KM from Kalatali (Cox's bazar) sea beach by the hill. The nice magnificent waterfall leading to the sea beach is a rare scene to nature enjoy. This attraction place is suitable for a day picnic, swimming, relaxing and sunbathing . Its not a practice in Islamic Bangladesh to see women in the swimming suit cloths. But this place very nice and enjoyable for all kind people. Any foreign tourist not allowed here without tour guide.
Himchari beach, Cox'sbazar
Himchari beach, Cox'sbazar, Bangladesh.
Himchari Beach
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Foy's Lake Water Park In Chittagong

Foy's Lake Bangladesh
Foy's Lake, Chittagong.
Foy's Lake is a man made hills lake in Chittagong city, Bangladesh. Foy's Lake was created in 1924 by constructing a dam across the stream that came down from the hills in the northern part of Chittagong. they are build a nice tourist attraction. The purpose of creating an artificial lake was to provide water to the residence of British railway colony. It's become a great hills lake. It was named after Mr Foy who was a Railway engineer and believed to materialized the project and come from England. The area belongs to Railway. But now Foy's Lake is a water park. However, an amusement theme and water park, managed by the Concord group, is located here. Now Foy's Lake is the heavy tourist demanded place in Bangladesh.
Foy's Lake
Foy's Lake, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Foy's lake
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Ahsan Monzil Royal Palace

Ahsan Monjil
Ahsan Monjil Royal Palace, Dhaka.
Ahsan Monjil Royal Palace Is one of Most Famous Ancient Tourist Attraction of Dhaka City. Ahsan Monjil Located In Dhaka City And Near From Dhaka River Port. Ahsan Manzil was the official Residential Palace and seat of the Dhaka Nawab Family. It was built by the Nababs of Dhaka. This magnificent building is situated at Kumartoli along the banks of the Buriganga River in Bangladesh. But Today Ahsan Monjil Become A Historical Museum In Bangladesh. Ahsan Manzil is known as majestic pink palace and one of the most finest and old structures in Dhaka and significant architectural monuments
Ahsan Monzil
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National Parliament of Bangladesh

National Parliament of Bangladesh
National Parliament of Bangladesh
This National Parliament of Bangladesh is the Jatiyo Sangshad Bhabon of Bangladesh, located in the capital City Dhaka. It was created by world most famous Jews architect Louis Kahn and is one of the largest legislative complexes in the world. National Parliament of Bangladesh is the number one popular tourist attraction of Dhaka. National Parliament of Bangladesh Become A Great World Wonders Building And one of the Most Popular Tourist Attraction Center of Bangladesh. National Parliament of Bangladesh Also Listed In Top 10 World Famous architectural Building. It's Have own Lake, Garden, Bridge And World Class Security System. And Another Most Secure Place In Dhaka.
Bangladesh National Parliament
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