Photos of Dhaka City Tours

Dhaka city is my home city.
Dhaka city
Dhaka city.
A few day ago, i'm traveled Dhaka city with my friends. We're visited many attractive place and meet with local and poor peoples. Economics dissimilarity is a real and strong problem in Dhaka. Foot path is main residents home of millions of  poor people. However, Although planning less is main problem but Dhaka city is very nice and one of the largest mega city in earth. I'm shoot the many photos of Dhaka city and sharing some photos to here. If you like my photos, it's a best pay for me. I'm starting my trips from Airport and end to Sadarghat river port, with many destination

Airport-Gulshan Road, Dhaka city.
Airport-Gulshan Road, Dhaka city.
Olympic center Dhaka
Olympic center Dhaka.
Sadarghat River Port, Dhaka
Sadarghat River Port, Dhaka.
Airport Road, Dhaka city
Airport Road, Dhaka city.