Travel To Sylhet in Bangladesh

Sylhet, a destination to make an unforgetable holiday.
Natural Sylhet Tour
Sylhet is the land of holly Shrine’s, natural Mountains, forests, beautiful garden plantations and a lots of Haor(lake). It is an old city with full of natural beauties. A large number of tourists come every year to visit Sylhet. World famous Moroccan traveler Ibn Batuta also visited Sylhet. Popular Attractive Destination of Sylhet-
Madhabkunda Waterfall: It's one of the most attractive tourist spots in Sylhet. Lots of travelers come to Madhabkunda waterfall every day for their enjoyment and photography. You can go to Madhabkunda waterfall from Sylhet city.
Sripur: Sripur is another beautiful destination, where you can see the nice waterfall with great tide falling form the sweet hills. Besides the enchanting views of the area, one can also have a glimpse of the waterfalls across the border of India. Keep in mind, many Big stones sometimes are coming in this waterfall. After completion of visiting Jaflong and Tamabil you must visit Sripur on the way to go back to Sylhet. It's only 7-8km from Jaflong on the same road to Sylhet a sub road entered into Sripur waterfall. Here you can see the stone collection and orange garden if you go inside Sripur crossing the hills.
Jaflong: Jaflong is one of the most attractive tourist spots in Sylhet and you can feel nice moments of tours, as Darjeeling. It's about 60 km far from Sylhet city and takes two hours drive to reach there by car. Jaflong is also a scenic spot nearby nice tea gardens and rate beauty of rolling stones from hills/mountains. It is situated besides the river Mari in the lap of Hill Khashia. The Mari river is coming from the Himalayan Mountain of Nepal, which bringing million tons of stone boulders with its tide. You can watch the stone collection from the river in Jaflong as well as you can enjoy the boating in the river Mari. Jaflong is totally a hilly area of real natural beauty where hills are greenish with the forests. Lots of wild animal lives in this forest, so you need to be careful to enter in the forest alone. You can see the lifestyle of Tribe.
Srimongol: Srimongal is the place of tea gardens, hills and natural forest areas on the mountain. Within your eye sight you will find green throughout. Its is famous for the largest tea gardens of world and perfect place for photography.