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meghla bandarban bangladesh
Meghla, Bandarban.
Bandarban is a land of heaven with many nice waterfall, 1st three highest mountain of Bangladesh, hills river, hanging pool, hills lake, hills forest and others beauties. Bandarban is the places of nature tours and a mountain areas for nature lovers. However, i'm covered some popular tourist attractive place of Bandarban as like Meghla park, Chimbuk hills, Nilgiri hills, Sangu river, Golden temple, Rockfall ( shoilopropat) and others nice places. Want to access more photos! view this link. click any photos for full size view.
natural hills bandarban
Sightseeing Bandarban.
hanging pool meghla bandarban
Hanging pool.
duck meghla bandarban
Royal duck in meghla.
natural forest bandarban
Natural forest, Bandarban.
Bandarban Photos
Taken by Aslam at Sep 26 2012
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