Mangrove Forest Sundarban

Sundarban forest Situated in south west Bangladesh,
sundarban forest Bangladesh
Sundarban, Bangladesh.
full of different varieties of creatures and surrounded by Bay of Bengal seas and lakes is the world's largest saline water body, the natural mangrove forest Sundarban. The number of species of plants found in this forest is greater than that in any other natural mangrove forest of the world. Sundarban is the world's largest delta located at the mouth of the Ganges and Brahmaputra River. Enriched with the alluring natural beauty of the south and full of various forms of life, Sundarban draws the attention of the whole world. It is a variegated playground of human civilization with its large forests, various creatures, tradition, culture and great history. The Sundarban world's biggest natural mangrove forest: Sundarban Situated Mostly In Bangladesh. A small portion of it lies in India. The Indian part of the forest is estimated to be about 19% and no royal Bengal tiger here, while the Bangladesh part is 81%. If you have 4 to 5 days to spend on the lap of the nature in that case no other place is better than Sundarban.
Dubla: It is s an island, raised from the Bay of Bengal which is situated at the end of the southern part of east sanctuary 25 km  south west of the Kotka tiger point and 35 km in the  south east of  hiron point on the estuary of the river Kunga and the river Pashur of Dublarchar. The area is covered with wide green field, Sea Lake; the place is also the grazing land of the herds of deer, monkeys and swine. Sometimes the Royal Bengal tiger also visits the area. Ten fish collecting, processing and marketing centres are together known as the Dublar Char Island.
Katka: Katka is in the south of the East sanctuary and south east corner of Shronkhola forest range and about 100 km. away from Mongla sea port. There is a rest house at katka. In Katka there is a wooden watching tower at Jamtola from where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Sunderban forest like herd of deer, monkeys,crokodile and swine. Varieties of birds are visible in Katka.  If you are lucky enough you may also met royal Bengal tiger here. Radio communication is available here in the forest station. Katka is one of the heritage sites in Sunderban mangrove forest.
Kachikhali : Is an isolated sea beach in a deep forest of Sundarban adjacent to  the Katka tiger point . You can find pond, open natural green field, deer, monkey, snakes, king cobra reptiles and varieties of birds here. There is a rest house and forest office here.
Hiron Point: It is 80 km away from the Mongla port. It is called the world heritage state. You can avail guest house facilities of Mongla port and Forest department here.
Take as less luggage as possible- warm clothes during winter, cap, sneakers, binoculars, camera, books and necessary medicines.
Royal Bengal Tiger, Sundarban
Royal Bengal Tiger, Sundarban, Bangladesh.