Cox'sbazar sea beach tour with nice winter vacation

Cox's bazar Beach, Bangladesh
Cox's bazar Beach, Bangladesh.
A pine and coconut trees fringed beach is the best place to spend a private or family holiday after a strenuous period of job in your workplace. Therefore, there is nothing like visiting a tropical sea beach during your nice winter vacation. Bangladesh also offer some beautiful beaches. As like world longest cox'sbazar beach. However, you must visit Bangladesh when there is no rain. It is very important to avoid rainy season if you want to enjoy a hill tour with beach touches.
If you go to cox'sbazar sea beach you might find many people around. Therefore, if you really want to enjoy calm and quite surroundings, you have the some option to rent a hotel room with private stretch of beach. Hundred of hotel available near beach. Though it will be comparatively expensive, it will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy sea breeze and fine sand the right way. You have the option to enjoy the beach throughout the day when you do so. However, you must avoid the beach during high noon as sunburns might appear.
Cox'sbazar beach
Cox'sbazar beach.
Reviewed by Aslam on Sep 26 2012