Saint Martin Coral Island

Saint Martin Island
St. martin island Bangladesh.
Saint Martin Coral Island is One of the Most Beautiful Attraction in Bangladesh. St. Martin is the Most Attractive Tourist Spot for Domestic and Foreign tourists. Traveler can go to the St. Martin from Dhaka City, Chittagong Hill City, or Cox’s Bazar Beach City. At First you have to Come to Teknaf. From Teknaf you can Ride a Sea Truck or Ship to St. Martin Island Coral. Sea Trucks Leaves Teknaf Every Morning At 9.00 am, and Return from St. Martin Island in the Same Day at 3.00 pm. There are many hotel and motel in the island. St. Martin Is Best Adventure Place For Traveler. Every Traveler Need To Carry Oxygen Mask And Water Mask Cloths From Dhaka For Adventure To Deep Side of Island Water To Seeks The Coral of Islands. And Contact A Tourist Guide For Adventure.
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Saint martin, Bangladesh.
St. martin Island
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