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sweet beach Bangladesh
Sea Beach Bangladesh.
Bangladesh is a small country but its natural beauty  is un measurable. Creator may create this country especially for the tourist. There are no other countries in this world like Bangladesh. It is also a river irrigated country. Rivers are in a zig- zag or cross manners. Golden land, green forest, high hills or mountains, living together of different people. blue waves of the sea and blue sky above seem to me dreaming. It is Bangladesh which means beauty. Bangladesh means a safe and famous country for tourists. 
I'm Aslam, a Traveler from Bangladesh. I'm sharing my travel story to this blog and Facebook  And all information and travel story is only my views and not associate's with any travel operator, person or organization. I'm also try to provide real and full information about attractive destination of Bangladesh. View my full story, If you have any question, then contact me.  or +8801710771195