Maharajas Royal Palace In Natore Bangladesh

Maharajas Royal Palace Natore
Maharajas Royal Palace.
Maharajas Royal Palace, another famous great Royal Palace in Bangladesh. Maharajas Royal Palace or Jamidar bari, attractive tourist place in Bangladesh and one of the beautiful jamindar bari in Bangladesh.

Little Gold Mosque (Choto Sona Masjid)

Small Gold Mosque
Choto Sona Masjid.
Choto Sona Masjid, one of the beautiful mosque in Bangladesh. It has historical popularity and value. Choto sona masjid is a old and nice designed masjid, and now it's a popular attractive tourist attraction in Natore district of Bangladesh. Don't miss to visit this beautiful masjid and other beautiful tourist spots in Bangladesh.

Nilgiri Hills Resort Bandarban

Marma Reesa, nilgiri resort
              Marma Reesa
                BDT 7500/- per night 
                    Payment: waiting
                    Tehkho Reesa
                    BDT 3500/- per night
                    Payment: waiting
                     Tehkho Reesa 2
                  BDT 3500/- per night
                  Payment: waiting
tent nilgiri resort, bandarban
                    2000/- per night
                    Payment: waiting
nilanjana nilgiri resort, bandarban
                     BDT 3500/- per night
                     Payment: waiting
meghdut nilgiri resort, bandarban
                     BDT 7500/- per night
                     Payment: waiting

If you like Nilgiri Resort, then you can contact with any military office/officer for Booking. Keep in mind, foreign tourist will be restricted there।

Zia Park Chondrima Uddan Dhaka

zia park
Zia Park Chondrima Uddan.
Zia Park, Grave yard of President Mejor Ziaur Rahman. Ziaur Rahman was famous valiant and president of The Bangladesh, and great founder of People Republic of Bangladesh. This hanging pool made for easy to access Zia park from National Parliament building. However Chondrima uddan, modern name Zia park is one of the beautiful place Dhaka city and everyday thousands of visitor visiting this park, they also visiting graveyard of late president Ziaur Rahman. At the port city Chittagong, there has another beautiful park names Zia park mini Bangladesh

Travel To Chittagong Hill Tracts Rangamati

Rangamati Mountain Bangladesh
Hanging Pool in Rangamati.
Rangamati is a small city located among the green mountain strips, lakes and hills rivers of the Chittagong Hill Tracts area. Rangamati known as the nicest Lake City of Bangladesh as this District is located on the bank of the Kaptai Lake. It is the largest district of Bangladesh and located only 80 kilometers away from Chittagong city. Rangamati become a Eco-Tourism destination in Bangladesh. Visit Rangamati during Nov to March as the temperature remains very cool and usually there is no rainfall and it's best time for mountain riding.
Best Place to visit in Rangamati:
Kaptai Lake: This large man made lake of Bangladesh over an area of approximately 11000km2, was created as a reservoir when the Kaptai dam was built during the 1960s. The government run tourism corporation and private operators offer Kaptai Lake Cruise Ship Tours, which is worth of it. Other scenic spots are also accessible through the waterways.
Shuvolong Falls: Shuvolong waterfall a place in Borokol sub district, located about 25 kilometers (11 kilometers – as the crow flies) away from Rangamati. There are few waterfalls in Shuvolong area with the largest one falling from as high as 300 feet. In the past several years, this place has turned into a tourist destination due to beautiful waterfalls and the nearby market. Shuvolong is easily accessible by boat or motor boats from Rangamati city.
Hanging Bridge: This 335 feet long bridge across a portion of the Kaptai lake is an icon of Rangamati.
Kaptai National Park: This forest reserve is located in the Karnafuly and Kaptai range. According to the government statistics some 50,000 people visits the national park every year as it provides some walking trails among the lush green forest. The animal species of Kaptai National park are deer, elephants,monkeys, fishing cats and birds. The Kaptai Forest Rest house, Kaptai Mukh Forest Rest House and several picnic spots are located here.
Rajban Bihar Pagoda: An internationally known Rangamati Buddhist Temple, where the spiritualist principal monk of Rajban Vihara, Shrimath Sadhana Nanda Mohasthabir(Ban Vante) lives.
Peda Ting Ting: A small island on the Kaptai Lake, few kilometres away from Rangamati. It is mostly known for its serenity. There are a few tourist accommodation facilities here and a tiny restaurant run by the locals. It offers foods ranging from traditional to indigenous delicacies.
Chakma Royal Palace: This is the palace of the present Chakma King. However, it is open to public for a visit.
DC Bungalow Area: The District Commissioner’s Bungalow is located adjacent to the lake. There is a small light house and a shelter accessible to the public. This spot provides a nice view of the lake.
Others: The local market is also a tourist attraction as it offers handicrafts, textiles and ornaments made by the tribal people.

Bangladesh Trip Advisor Now On Nokia Ovi Store

Bangladesh Tour Plan
Bangladesh Trip Adviser.
Let's Go Bangladesh Application Now Updated Name Of Application "Bangladesh Trip Adviser" Available On Nokia Ovi Store For Free Download. Nokia S60 And S40 User Can Be Download Direct From Nokia Powered Ovi Store. This Application Build For Access Our All Update From Your Nokia Mobiles Phone. This Apps Rate Good On Ovi Store User Forum. So Now Download And Install On Your Supported Cellular Phone And Ultimately Enjoy All Latest Information About Bangladesh.

A Small Girls With Bangladesh Flag

Girls of Bangladesh
Girls of Bangladesh.
A country with smiling and happiness, it's Bangladesh. Every people of Bangladesh, they are happy for this beautiful natural country. March 26, the Independence day of Bangladesh. It's our national day, Bangladesh declared its independence at 26 March, 1971. Don't forget our smiling or happiness for independence, for become a freedom country. And 21st February was our shahid day, now this't International mother language day.

Your Virtual Tours Guide

sweet beach Bangladesh
Sea Beach Bangladesh.
Bangladesh is a small country but its natural beauty  is un measurable. Creator may create this country especially for the tourist. There are no other countries in this world like Bangladesh. It is also a river irrigated country. Rivers are in a zig- zag or cross manners. Golden land, green forest, high hills or mountains, living together of different people. blue waves of the sea and blue sky above seem to me dreaming. It is Bangladesh which means beauty. Bangladesh means a safe and famous country for tourists. 
I'm Aslam, a Traveler from Bangladesh. I'm sharing my travel story to this blog and Facebook  And all information and travel story is only my views and not associate's with any travel operator, person or organization. I'm also try to provide real and full information about attractive destination of Bangladesh. View my full story, If you have any question, then contact me.  or +8801710771195

A Real Jurassic Park In Bangladesh

Dulahazara Safari Park
Dulahazara safari park, Cox's bazar.
Who did not watch the jurassic park movie? 
Really it is a nice movie. Those who enjoyed the movie felt better. Do you know the history of this movie which is based on a park of Bangladesh? This park is known as DULAHAZRA SAFARI PARK. In this park, all of the animals can move freely. They are free of bindings. This park occupies a huge area. It is full filled with thousands of ferocious animals. Thousands of tourists visit this park daily. Tourists enjoy this park riding on a safe car forest through a safe road. This park is made in a deep forest surrounding hills. Really it is fearful but fascinating. The longest Sandy sea beach lies close to this park. Gigantic wave of eye catching sea is found here. large forest and hills are situated at the  side of the beach. Romantic feeling may appear in your mind. Now you can came to visit our Jurassic park. are you come to our BANGLADESH?
Safari park forest, Cox'sbazar
Safari park forest, Cox'sbazar.
Photos by Mohd Aslam

Tourist Capital Of Bangladesh

Cox's Bazar
Cox's Bazar Sea Beach
Tourism in Bangladesh, most famous for Cox's Bazar world's longest sea beach of 120 km. It is the popular tourist capital of Bangladesh, because of its nice natural beauties. Cox's Bazar beach is one of the most attractive tourist destination in the world. The Cox's Bazar beach is open for all people and visitor for bathing, swimming and sunbathing, best part of Cox's Bazar is the time while the sun sets seeing. Many kinds of attractive local citizen things are sold the local (Rankine) tribal families. As this is the most popular tourist spot in Bangladesh so the communication to Cox's Bazar from any part of Bangladesh is very comfortable. Cox's Bazar is connected both by air and road from Dhaka, Chittagong and any other places of Bangladesh and others important country. Such as Singapore, malaysia, japan, usa and others importants country.