Travel Photography In Calcutta of India

Trip pics of Calcutta (Kolkata) city of India.
A few days ago I traveled India's old city Calcutta. It was capital city of British India colony, now it's almost a ruins city. I and my team, we covered city area and other nearest destinations in Calcutta of India as well as Calcutta new market, Hoogly river, eden garden, Maidan, Howrah bridge, Sealdah rail station etc. We used Benapole port immigration for visiting India, it was easy for us. See my pics on below, that I took from Calcutta at April 2014. Don't forget to post your comments, If you like my photography or you have any question about visiting India and any place of Bangladesh.

Pics of Bangladesh: Beauties of Heaven

see must visiting destinations in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh, a beautiful heaven in South Asia and the gift of nature. Here I sharing 10 beautiful tourist destinations pics of Bangladesh, don't miss to visit this ten beautiful place before die. However I took this 10 pics from difference places in Bangladesh. I was visiting Dhaka Sonargaon, national martyrs, Dhaka sadarghat river terminal, Bandarban, Boga lake, Cox's bazar, Sundarban mangrove forest, beautiful rivers in Bangladesh, yellow nature, hills and I met a tornado during my trips to Bangladesh. For nature lovers, Bangladesh is the unforgettable destination for tourism and travel. They can enjoy their trips naturally with beautiful nature of villages. At Dhaka sadarghat, you can take a boat by a little money for enjoy a river journey. Also outside of Dhaka city famous for green nature, you can enjoy green nature tours and travels to Bangladesh. However 10 day to 15 days is enough for visiting Bangladesh.

Top 10 Beautiful lake in Bangladesh

Beautiful lake pics of Bangladesh.
flood in Bangladesh
A natural lake (lake by flood).
Bangladesh is a beautiful country for its amazing nature. In Bangladesh, there also have beautiful lakes too. I posting here 10 beautiful lake pics, that I took recently from various location in Bangladesh. It's one of the best collection of lake in Bangladesh, because I was taking those pictures and posting to here. Also I posted this 10 photos to other posts of this travel blog and Google earth too. The number one pics of this post? yes, I took it from southern area of Bangladesh. It was fishing scene, then there was flooding. Also flood in Bangladesh is the normal fact for us. However it wasn't very easy to travel and capturing photos of top 10 beautiful lake from most beautiful place in Bangladesh, but I did it for share my nature photography to my travel photography blog for showing you how much beautiful is Bangladesh ! I think everyone will be understand about my hard working for this Bangladesh travel blog. Don't miss to see other posts on this website for know about beautiful destinations in Bangladesh. It's a daughter of nature; every corner in Bangladesh, one have beauties.