Indian visa appointment Date Etoken

Appointment date for Indian VISA.
Indian visa appointment
Indian visa appointment.
We give appointment dates for Indian visa application. we make Indian Visa Appointment e-token date an Visa (Date) E-Token Service All kinds of Indian visa process. We help you to get appointment date and Indian visa. Will assist you to get an Indian emergency, normal or urgent VISA for tourist, medical, job & student. Each Tourist should complete online visa application form separately and submit print copy to Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) in Dhaka, Chittagong, Khulna

Capital of Bangladesh: Beautiful city in Asia

Dhaka city travel photography.
Dhaka city
Train in Dhaka city.
Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It's one of the largest and beautiful city in the world. How much you know about this city? If you ever didn't visited Dhaka, then it's very hard to you for answer about this question. However Dhaka city is the very old city, more than 400 years old city. Now Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. A few month ago I was visiting Dhaka and took photos, That now you can see here. My day in Dhaka city, It was another busy and important day for me. At morning I was reading Bangladesh news papers for latest news of Bangladesh and latest world news. After news papers, I was looking a ATM booth for withdraw something money by Visa card. So I was searching visa card logo on ATM booth in Dhaka city and finally i got money by using my visa card from Brac Bank ATM booth in Dhaka city. After withdraw, I visited a few of attractive destination in Dhaka city for visiting and travel photography. However I faced traffic jam problem in Dhaka city and I lost a few hours for hug traffic jam,

Pics of Bangladesh: Beauties of Heaven

see must visiting destinations in Bangladesh.
Bangladesh, a beautiful heaven in South Asia and the gift of nature. Here I sharing 10 beautiful tourist destinations pics of Bangladesh, don't miss to visit this ten beautiful place before die. However I took this 10 pics from difference places in Bangladesh. I was visiting Dhaka Sonargaon, national martyrs, Dhaka sadarghat river terminal, Bandarban, Boga lake, Cox's bazar, Sundarban mangrove forest, beautiful rivers in Bangladesh, yellow nature, hills and I met a tornado during my trips to Bangladesh. For nature lovers, Bangladesh is the unforgettable destination for tourism and travel. They can enjoy their trips naturally with beautiful nature of villages. At Dhaka sadarghat, you can take a boat by a little money for enjoy a river journey. Also outside of Dhaka city famous for green nature, you can enjoy green nature tours and travels to Bangladesh. However 10 day to 15 days is enough for visiting Bangladesh.

A look around traffic jam in Dhaka city

Traffic jam video & photos of Dhaka.
Traffic jam is one of the big problems for Dhaka city, although Dhaka working to solve this hug traffic problem. But truth is Dhaka needs much time to solve this. Why traffic jam is the main problem in Dhaka city? answer is Dhaka is the one of the largest city in the world and it growing without plan. However Dhaka city corporation continue to working here for solve this problems by making new fly over, new city road, metro rail and underground road in around the city. This travel photography blog have many photos of Dhaka city. We think all problems in Dhaka city will be solve very soon, but Dhaka need to invest much money for developing facilities and citizen rights. However traffic jam isn't a little problem, it's very big problems and we need to wait a few years for completely solve and need to invest much money. It's very necessary to control all vehicle in Dhaka city as well as private car, rickshaw, battery rickshaw, micro bus, mini bus, city bus service and train service in Dhaka.