Dhaka Sadarghat: A must see place in Bangladesh

Beautiful place in Dhaka city.
Bangladesh ship
Dhaka river.
Dhaka Sadarghat river port, one of the most visited tourist sight in Bangladesh. You need to visit this ancient river port for make sure its incredible beauties. Per day a lot of tourist visiting this wonderful river port and ships. There has thousands of hand riding boat, so it's easy to take a boat by some money for travel around the port. Visit the Top 10 amazing picture of Dhaka to see the beautiful place in the photos. It's surely an wonderful and must see place in the world and South Asia. Thousand of passenger ship deport every day for southern Bangladesh, up to Bay of Bengal, and same number ship coming Dhaka river port from their destinations. Dhaka Sadarghat located at bank of the Buriganga river in Dhaka city and largest river port of Bangladesh and also it claim largest in the world.

Bangladesh to build tourist places around Dhaka

Tourist attractions near Padma and Meghna.
Ganges Delta
Island in Ganges Delta.
In Bangladesh, has thousands of natural place, special tourist places for foreign tourists. But has lack to attractive them due to security reasons and transport problem, although many of them located much near from capital city Dhaka, from 10 KM to 100 KM through river journey. Finally our dreams going to be real, many of the island in Ganges Delta now under the construction for become beautiful tourist destination around Dhaka city. This will be at least two river journey from Dhaka Sadarghat river port by Launch or sea track. It need a few years to complete the build up sights and ready for tourists.

A beautiful day in Dhaka city of Bangladesh

Photos of memorial Days in Dhaka city.
National Martyrs Monument.
National Martyrs Monument.
Dhaka city, it's my favorite city. Much time of my life I lived in Dhaka, but not now. Now I live in a village of Bangladesh, far away from Dhaka city. However I want to go Dhaka again for travel, not for stay there. Perhaps going to Dhaka city in next month, have a plan to stay at a hotel in Dhaka city. My life in Dhaka city, I was visiting many attractive destination and tourist spots with my clients or alone. Now I miss to travel Dhaka city but I continue visiting village of Bangladesh and isn't bad for me. Because I can capturing beautiful village photos of Bangladesh and continue visiting many villages, it's another experience in my travel life. Once upon a beautiful day in Dhaka city, I visited many tourist spots and took beautiful photos of Dhaka city, that now sharing to this travel photography blog of Bangladesh. As well as Dhanmondi lake, Sonargaon, National martyrs monument in Savar and I also took street photos of Dhaka