Top 10 Beautiful lake in Bangladesh

Beautiful lake pics of Bangladesh.
flood in Bangladesh
A natural lake (lake by flood).
Bangladesh is a beautiful country for its amazing nature. In Bangladesh, there also have beautiful lakes too. I posting here 10 beautiful lake pics, that I recently took from various locations in Bangladesh. It's one of the best collection of lake in Bangladesh, because I was taking those pictures and posting to here. Also I posted this 10 photos to other posts of this travel blog and Google earth too. The number one pics of this post? yes, I took it from southern area of Bangladesh. It was fishing scene, then there was flooding. Also flood in Bangladesh is the normal fact for us. However it wasn't very easy to travel and capturing photos of top 10 beautiful lake from most beautiful place in Bangladesh, but I did it for share my nature photography to my travel photography blog for showing you how much beautiful is Bangladesh ! I think everyone will be understand about my hard working for this Bangladesh travel blog. Don't miss to see other posts on this website for know about beautiful destinations in Bangladesh. It's a daughter of nature; every corner in Bangladesh, one have beauties. Contact ( ) for visiting these beautiful lake.

Capital of Bangladesh: Dhaka City Photography

Selected photos of Dhaka on Google earth.
Dhaka City
Dhaka City.
I was walking in street of Dhaka city, specially Gulshan area, Then i took some beautiful pictures of Dhaka. However, I already posted to Google earth and Google+, and now posting to this travel photography blog. This day was very nice day for me and I was happy with my friend, I met him after photography. I covered Gulshan 1, Gulshan 2, Hatir Jheel, Ahsan Manzil, Agargaon, Karwan Bazar for take photos, Also I took a few pictures of others nearest place. If you like my photography, then post a comments. However Dhaka is the Capital of Bangladesh, It's capital city and largest city of Bangladesh. I tried to taking best beautiful photography of Bangladesh Capital for this travel photography blog, my Google+ and Google earth too. Don't forget to see others photos of Dhaka or Bangladesh on this website. I guess you would be love my photography.

Travel Photography In Chittagong Hills Districts

Photos of Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachari.
Rangamati, Bangladesh.
In Bangladesh, there have not other places as beautiful as Chittagong hills districts. Bandarban, Rangamati and Khagrachari is the Chittagong hills districts, also they are three difference districts, but they are hill tracts area in Bangladesh. Travelling and travel photography isn't easy there, but it's very enjoyable and beautiful travel for young travelers. Although it's a beautiful destination for tourism and trekking, but it can't attract huge numbers of visitor for bad communication system. For this reasons, this area called as a dangerous area in Bangladesh. However there have many Army camp for give safe to travelers. As a results, now this area almost safe for travelers. We was staying at a Tribal home and other resorts during our travel in Bandarban, Kagrachari and Rangamati hills tracts districts. With me, other 8 tourists traveled this area safely. We was happy for our Chittagong hill tracts trips. It's a really beautiful destination for travelling in Bangladesh.